Aught, no. 10 (2003)

William Allegrezza

en mis angled

leaving cities behind

to change
          hands or painting cubicles

          between scribblings
                                 figures on playgrounds

field growing with filler
abstract denotation

a lampshade
         shadows a
                       neck       like
                 style     older     cheaper

with proportion
        always writing

so close     then

letters lean & cast
             as patients
            for excavation


nine numbers

trained & voting
          i think
of fabric ejected
and yoked in wayward links

                   'america will' grumble

of perspective
invite meaning

                           keep cults

 "go back"
delete content
                    expire in arbitration

for vertical history
                                  become background

so close to numbering

kettles or

night and


Author's note
"After reading your guidelines for the next issue, I put together these to pieces as a response to my own piece in Aught #2 and the other pieces that I like best in it.  All of the language, even if heavily played with, comes from somewhere in the Aught archive."

Copyright 2003, by the author. All rights reserved.
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