Links of related interest, in no particular order:
Electronic Poetry Center
Hosted by SUNY Buffalo's Poetics Program. "An edited site devoted to the presentation of full-text resources for innovative writing." Comprehensive listings of authors and avant poetry resources.

Burning Press
"Burning Press produces experimental/avant guard/exploratory poetry, visual literature, audio art, and intermedia, using any means necessary to forward the language arts & beyond. Projects include the Cybpheranthology of Discontiguous Literatures; the Machine Made of Words online gallery, the WrEyeTings Scratchpad laboratory for computer-based visual poetries, and TapRoot Reviews. Burning Press has also published over 75 books of poetry, by nationally known authors as well as Cleveland poets."

Online journal that includes short-short fiction, poems, and playlets.

Online journal of original poetry.

"A literary biennial of the whole art," ceased publication in 2000. Site has back issue info.

Small Press Distribution
"Founded in 1969, we are the only wholesaler in the country dedicated exclusively to independently published literature. SPD gives the public access to the broad spectrum of literature published today by distributing books to bookstores, libraries, and readers. We take risks on exciting new writers, enabling their work to develop an audience and gain recognition in the marketplace."

"Crossmedia beliefware." Experimental verbal and visual poetries. Catalogue info on Xeroxial Editions books here.

Duration Press
"Duration Press is a publisher of contemporary international poetry in English translation and web hosting provider for literary arts organizations."

X Connect
"Tri-annual electronic journal for contemporary art and writing based in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania."

"Extending HOW(ever)'s original spirit of inquiry into modernist and contemporary innovative writing practices by women."

Big Bridge
"A webzine of poetry and everything else."

“Speculative and experimental” poetry.

Agnieszka's Dowry
"To promote literary and educational life; give voice to the voiceless; guide and influence by exercising our taste and take on hard work for fun."

Instress / Inscape / Windhover
"Instress Press, publisher of new poetry, specializing in chapbooks. Inscape magazine." Also produces online new poetry journal Windhover.

"A rotating poetry installation appearing quarterly." Includes archives for web zine flux.

"A quarterly web journal dedicated to experimental work of all kinds: avant-prose, verse, Language and Post-Language writing, New Sentence, cut-up, deep collage, and hybrids that defy classification."

Postmodern poetry.

"xStream is ezine focused on experimental poetry, collage, cut-up, computer-generated texts, etc."

"SHAMPOO is an online magazine that showcases sudsy poetry. it comes to you from somewhere in the San Francisco fog and is updated at the whim of its editor."

Can We Have Our Ball Back?
Edited by Jim Behrle and others.

Ezine featuring diverse types of poetry and fiction

"An anthology of art, text, and schematic."

"A collaborative collage created by Andrew Felsinger, Andrew Goldfarb, Kenneth Tannemura and John Tranter."

"BlazeVOX 2k3 is featuring new media and poetry avant garde."

Sleeping Fish
"SleepingFish is not seeking anything conventional, fluffy, religious, new age or mainstream, and (with a high degree of certainty) does not want anything with adverbs, the word 'like,' that subscribes to a workshop or school of writing or that makes perfect sense (without some sort of risk involved)."

Spinning Jenny
Annual print journal of innovative poetry based in New York.

Innovative print journal, no longer producing new issues. See link for info on back issues.

Cross-Cultural Poetics
"A biannual interdisciplinary journal of poetry, poetics, experimental ethnography and cultural and performance studies published by Mark Nowak."

"A digital literary arts journal that seeks not only to present the finest in contemporary literature, art, and design, but also to explore and to press the growth of experimental and collaborative digital works that variously combine literature, art, and design."

"We are interested in writing that handles the surfaces of experience in an innovative way. These can be the surfaces of individual experience, the surfaces of cultural experience or the surfaces of language itself.

Poetry (American poets only, no poetry in translation). Lyric, lyric-narrative, experimental, surrealist, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, New York School. Essays on poetry and poetics. Reviews.

Respected print journal of contemporary poetry and poetics.

Skanky Possum
Innovative contemporary American writing.

Experimental poetry and visual art.

"RealPoetik is the little magazine of the vernacular, quotidian, witty and postmodern."

Innovative poetry journal out of Philadelphia area.

Publication of the Kootenay School of Writing collective in Vancouver.

Taverner's Koans
Taverner's Koans is a one-room schoolhouse — okay, make that a sprawling public commons — of experimental poetry and poetics, including writing exercises, essays on poets, a critique workshop, excursions into poetics, the occasional thoughtful diatribe, a chapbook press, The Wraith (a weblog-style poetry zine) and much more.

"Arras: new media poetry and poetics is devoted to exploring how digital technology has impacted the field of experimental poetics."

"Jacket is a free Internet-only quarterly review of new writing, with poetry, creative prose, interviews, reviews, and informative feature articles."

Milk "hopes to make contact with the spirit of poetry via the electronic pulse of this strange contraption called the Internet—infusing it with a life it lacks, the creative sweat and blood of the inspiring artists contained herein."

Online journal of experimental and avant garde poetry.

Handwritten Press
"Founded by Kristin Gallagher in Philadelphia in 1997, showcases young contemporary poets and visual artists."

"Cartograffiti features work in poetry, fiction, literary and cultural criticism, visual arts and hypertext writings." See related poetry via Small Press Collective.

Avec Books
"Our focus is innovative contemporary writing. The work we publish has its roots in a variety of sources, including Dada, Surrealism, the work of Gertrude Stein, Virginia Woolf, Robert Creeley, Charles Olson, Lorine Niedecker, Laura Riding, Robert Duncan and the Situationists."

"electronic literary magazine: NEW / EXPERIMENTAL / COLLABORATIVE / INTERNATIONAL."

5 Trope
"Quarterly publication, featuring "the spankingly original."

"Since 1993, Chain has published a yearly issue of writing and art gathered loosely around a topic. The topic serves as an editorial limit and changes the question asked of each piece submitted from "is this a great piece of art" to "does this piece of art say something about the topic that is not already known." This makes Chain a little rougher around the edges, a little less aesthetically predictable."

"A journal of poetry and poetics featuring innovating writers under 40 alongside a few older and more established poets who have influenced them."

"Readme is an online journal of poetics featuring interviews, essays and reviews germane to contemporary poetry. Poetry published only in tandem with author interviews and/or critical prose, except in cases of poem-as-reading/critique."

"A Philadelphia-based publisher of new and experimental writing."

Innovative poetry edited by Sabina Daley & Candace Walsh.

Tarpaulin Sky
Fiction and Non- / Poetry / Views Re- & Inter- / Art.

Alterran Poetry Assemblage
Innovative poetry online edited by David Dowker.

"GutCult seeks to publish works of excellence and assumes that excellence is always the offspring of experimentation. In this sense, GutCult is an experimental literary journal."

Textbase is an ongoing collaborative project based
in Melbourne, Australia, that encompasses both
a writing collective and visual arts projects.

"An unswervingly eclectic blitzkrieg of newly surfacing talent and violently distinguished voices."

Muse Apprentice Guild
"The MAG is an international literary quarterly with over 40 co-editors (liaisons) worldwide and hundreds of thousands of readers — we represent writers in all genres with an emphasis on the innovative."

Word/for Word
Journal emphasizing "experimental, process-oriented, visual, and post-Language work with an astute awareness of the materials, rhythms, and emerging forms of the contemporary."

"Retort Magazine is an electronic journal dedicated to the publication and presentation of new innovative, experimental cutting edge art and text in all disciplines."

Snow Monkey
"The work we publish includes poetry, short fiction, art and nonfiction, all in a variety of styles. Snow Monkey is, above all, eclectic."

Tin Lustre Mobile
"Browse and discover innovative artists with unique vision."

Bi-annual litarary magazine of innovative, post-Language writing.

A journal of prose poetics, whose goal is to publish reviews and essays (personal, critical, experimental, etc.) about the prose poem, prose poets, and the poetics of the prose poem.

First Intensity
Print magazine of new writing.

Electronic journal of poetry and poetics, includes a chapbook series by innovative poets.

Bombay Gin
"Literary magazine of The Naropa University Writing and Poetics department."

"Publishing non-commercial poetry and literature, collaborations, periodicals, and experimental artist books."

he only literary & art journal in America that prints the rough drafts of people's work so you can see the creative process as it happens — & as every journal claims, we're proud to present the most illuminating contemporary writing and art being conjured up."

"A dream publication for the young, literary and clued-up."

In Posse Review
Eclectic web journal of poetry, fiction, and reviees.

La Petite Zine
"Above all else, La Petite Zine seeks to be un-boring, to at once challenge what a literary magazine is meant to be and do, and also to go toe-to-toe with the desiccated tradition of literary magazine."

Palm Press
"Our mission is to make available works which navigate the interstices, the between spaces, of academic and non-academic realms and discourse. We aim to further an interrogation of this gap by publishing writers whose work challenges notions of genre and by focusing on writers who consciously work within and among these spaces in poetry, essay, cultural studies, theory and the increasingly blurred edge between such categories."

Unpleasant Event Schedule
"Poems, oddities, diary entries, stories, pictures," edited by Daniel Nester.

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