Aught, no. 15 (2006)

Marie Buck

Typen, siphon Jesus

Yesser   big       joker                david


tackle             eleventh street                         in our deductive

                                                            trees and berries

                                                            restoration supp

                                                            appaloosa Big Y

Hes now an ordained minister                        


                                                baklava for all

flurries of

furlough on

the mount                     big sounds for the loafers

                                    alone digging Dole stars

                                                the solar program

my grandma                  dazzles

                                    sizes of

lab self                                 meter     the lot the                    lambda metrum media

                        adams solvent            tinkler

I hope you cancel   faster than bon-bon            its amazing                        dammit lamas

                                                                                                            fast Oh Mom,

                                                                                                            what're you do-

                                                                                                            ing in there?

Achingly rare, I'm

pulling out a hair                               in deep space the waste dump

in plumpery viscotic             child-teen      my dad's really neat                  various

                                                                                    seasonal lemonade

in her, in the tape deck            several loose strands                algorithmic

                                                                                                nappy   parson

prissy         the Argentine socks               lox and the                    ripper

                        Oklahoma pig face, the generic brand is better               geese punt

the Sega Genesis homeward       bound up she tied tight ropes  nope    Fugees The Score

                                    lapward the fire truck

                                                I've got it

it's on me

Sega Genesis                            spyware and sobby     bodies    haberdash    well it was a racial comment,

but I didn't mean it like that                         soupward

the loge ice beer                 chai-ward     happy Saturday      our lobby   included  dolce

peace Surrey      like at ant         

washboard-ward                                        feet                   pray for an ultimatum

gentleman the blue suit           

                        wicked free spyware     'Mama' on a T-shirt

'Papa' on a T-shirt               Debby cakes in             ripple   wig goo                        shadow development                             hourly developing                    remember lakily browning sunnily                         

snarling      sap-ward                                        password       a loom   


tall licked bag                                       were fused, standing downstairs gabbing

                                                            for cola

            the boast hand kick

            posters cheese-ward, and local

Block Pony

The Specials love      the colony

radicals' praxis gives a Sean thirteen

I           gave the        boll weevil

    15 placards give Pixar   suppering

fly-eyes            while we whisper            their

raspy    travels                          & do mitosis  for

notes                a tough nut to crack            of

bimbos           soba noodles            give rolls      dear


            the warded diner  of     dear timeless           

                        sighs        heat

                        tour of the winners            pile-driver

rucksacks for                                        Derrida

mother  vaginal              hot-tray capital  of

long crazy mental & physical    things gone         a

ton of   glue guns                 my

sticky lotion                  pin blight    dada

sorry  sorry             up

Tag-Ins Botanical

A jig in Lillehammer

quiet poison for Poseidon

but instead entities higher

than coins, the liver

a vile thief of

ham-hocks, the root canal

Big Baby Jesus turquoise

batter-relief, death collides

in cheese grits logic

in boons to spoon

off-broadway belly laughter

it gives hope, I

Grendel a blogger's animicule

super tender heater-based air

a deal, from your

lonely goiter of oven-ridden.

Salt Him Bank

The coats of Rome,

or feathers,

or diphtheria twill flicks


of weight. 

The corpuscles odd F, rasta-rate,

or files,

or dementia, tall, forks

tall is

or brilliant.

A combatant's op-ed F, release,

or fliers,

a daddy-aha tinsel fissures.

Tall is brilliant,

or bacchanal. 

A concomitant ohm red sir, eels

a bier sin,

um dactyl a lot tear-stroked fibbers.

Toast a vowel aught,


O boats of home,

or festers,

or diagnostica till liars



I wrote of dumb,

or least of,

or dilled pickle a lick of,



homeowner tups shrub,

Alleluia tufts sup,

or fish idle swimming,


quip linger. 

Osteopathic, the finger, rub

old letters.  Odd

torsos, shy Dell switches in G,

the dropsy,

giddy in her

olden.  Zingers, Bub,

bold litters urge

orzo, sickle-cell Indie,

he drops her,

godded in urchins.

Sorcerer in sifter rub,

Ore Ida dare

avec witches, sill in

key digs sirrah,

bottled up dirges,

valor tinned singles tub,

sore diners, hair

witches Sisyphean

killjoy dubbed sip sip

big up decided. 

Dotted dressed less tip,

suck nibbles, heard

women commuter stereo licked,

commuter distance lustered,

mention tucked, a lick. 


Copyright 2006, by the author. All rights reserved.
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