Aught, no. 10 (2003)

geneva chao

absolute magnitude
         for the writers

this lone star pulses with purpose:
dedicated to the proposition
that there ought not be this chink in our armor;
seal it up like tins of ham for all the fatherless girls that porgie kissed and made them cry:
despite a clean victory in the kneejerk for all-american boy & a pile of chaff in the
‘hunk of the month’ column of this our turkeyday cosmo
(aka the good book of the american bosom)
our boy george cops to no knocked-down cherries
& so we trudge blithely on

westward leading still proceeding & so met on a great battle-field of that war where contrary to
the talking head’s protestations it is no zero sum equation,
and our plenty does not equal their bankruptcy at the holy trust of pudding and pie;
but we sit down anyhow and copy out with number twos the ups and downs of the nasdaq (read
debt) of our stock-in-trade (read vengeance) and tally our scrapes for the playground —
milk money counts double & the barometer rises on funds to find that perfect light


fitting and proper that i should call you out, throw down the glove, demark the place
beyond which you get bloodied
there is a line in our time
there is a line in our time
& all the pretty pollys bate their breath as you step over, chester
fitting and proper that we should pull up our bootstraps and count down our masters and sing
sing low
swing low
& execute your honor i object

our poor power to add to this message crackling over the speaker
breaker one breaker one i might be crazy but i aint dumb an if my eyes have seen the glory
aright them dogs is in hot pursuit —
leap the general over the chasm
give ‘em a bit of the ol’ boys can-do
a nation united by the legends scrawled on plates which include:
god bless our happy home
loose lips sink ships
& live free or die über alles

we take increased devotion to the faltering wick on this oily lantern: call me ishmael, call it jihad, miz ross stops knitting afghans ‘cos the name aint selling and anyhow
we want something you can stand up a fork in aint that right, hoss?
johnny reb in the principal’s office for choosing option e: none of the above
respect the faith
defile the faith
and if the sun breed maggots in a carrion dog, milord and master freedom,
then let not your daughter walk in the sun


the people shall not perish from the earth
& if ‘human dignity’ means an embarassment of chickens
and a lebensraum from which to sip whisky
then ahoy mateys & once more in the words of sir-bluff-and-bluster into that
breach where the beav is waiting (and holding a gasoline lamp in his hand)
our cause is even larger than our country
our bounty is as boundless as the sea
good evening mister and missus b and all the ships at sea
i wish for a ship named after me
& sink the lids of your tired eyes as the megaphones lull:
the light shines in the darkness
so hitch your wagon to that lonely star
& ride
(for chrissakes look out where yr going)


hazardous communication
                     [for plr]

acute health hazard: none.  boiling point not applicable.  conditions to avoid will not occur.

contain excess;
do not heat in the presence of:
                              explanation, fragmentation, fumes.  glove use advised.
               do not attempt to clean.

handle and store with care
label required:
               yes neutralizing agent
               none specified

melting point
               (not regulated by this   mode    of transportation).

routes of entry:
                 breath              (if breathing is difficult get medical attention)

stability: yes
               signs and symptoms of overexposure             acute poisoning

take up with absorbent materials and place in container for disposal.  wear appropriate personal protective equipment

                                                                                                      (as specified in Section 8)

                dilute and flush to sewer
                control ignition sources
                report contaminants to local authorities

use media suitable    for surrounding fire.


staying power
a nyc index

appetite: omnivorous-cum-glutton, that is: bellmer’s sticky peppermint tower praising my please sir.

couch: a way to say platonic: the temporary resting place of every wandering monk, press your cheek against flattened burlap and never mind the moans.

days: not long.  abbreviate by design or by invention, slouch through a haze till twilight turns your lights on.

food: a plan of attack in the absence of greater distractions.

made: not found.  or: reserve for the metaphysical, ie luck, chance, time.

seizures: occasional strangers dance the collective angst on your platform.  or: the meth lab in apt. 1A.

three: the necessary dimensions for troubling intent or to create a plane for the new math, shut your books and fly fly away.

Copyright © 2003, by the author. All rights reserved.
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