Aught, no. 15 (2006)

Julia Cohen


The mood was not old enough
to participate. Wheelchairs I had
for dice, yes. 2 layers later it was
2 am then a party came in the smoke
she was smoking. These were the beads
that strung the necklace she stroked.
Her quiet request of 6 difficult quantities
for 6 different qualifications. I could
not compete with an impetuous fatherland.
Mirrors lie I kissed her she lied. Deception
is always old enough to grow.


Neptune with No Pronouns

The pine tree had no enemies
and the branch held a cheek.

A body and a body in black grass.
Look at Neptune, the blue whale.

To swim, to spout light from a great
distance. Hands browsed the fallen,

asking, Is the return easer or more
arduous? To overlap a body and a

body in black grass, no distance
an enemy could cross.


Copyright 2006, by the author. All rights reserved.
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