Contributors to Aught, No. 11/12 (2003)

Raymond Farr attended Florida State University. He now lives in Ocala, FL. His work appears in GutCult, Eratio, XStream, Shampoo, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Milk, Textbase, Ambit, Word/for Word, BlazeVox2k3, Poethia, and Muse Apprentice Guild.

andrew lundwall lives in the DC-area with his fiancee star jewel smith. andrew's work has appeared in numerous literary journals including: sidereality, shampoo, muse apprentice guild, retort, deep cleveland, get underground, shoestring, etc.  as of late andrew has been focusing moreso on visual art (

Derek White writes when he should be sleeping or fishing. Other work has appeared or is forthcoming in Elimae, 12-Gauge, DIAGRAM, Café Irreal, and Snow Monkey. His chapbook of visual poems, “Mining in the Black Hills”, is forthcoming from Sleeping Fish.

Trey Sager lives in New York City. Recent work has or will appear in Insurance Magazine,,, Fence, Brooklyn Stoop, Family Focus & The Cafe Review.

Jeff Harrison's poetry has appeared in Nerve Lantern, XStream, Moria, Poethia, VeRT, M.A.G., BlazeVox, Word for Word, SideReality, canwehaveourballback, Generator, Znine and Great Works. His poetry is forthcoming from Tin Lustre Mobile, Sentence, 5_Trope, and A Chide's Alphabet.

Vanessa J. Mendicino ( is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago. She has been previously published in sidereality, Columbia Poetry Review, and the now defunct Goulash. A sound engineer, she finds music to be the foundation and poetry to be the biography of one's uniqueness.

American poet and activist Jane Joritz-Nakagawa has lived in Japan since 1989. Her work has appeared in numerous journals such as New American Writing, Moria and Milk. Email is welcome at

Vernon Frazer's poetry and fiction have appeared in Aught, Big Bridge, First Intensity, Jack Magazine, Lost and Found Times, Massacre, Moria, Potepoetzine, Shampoo, Sidereality and many other literary magazines. He has written six books of poetry. He introduced the first section of his critically-acclaimed longpoem IMPROVISATIONS at The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church in Manhattan in 2001. He recently finished editing an anthology of Post-Beat poetry for publication in the People's Republic of China. IMPROVISATIONS (XXV-L) and Commercial Fiction, Frazer's new novel, were published in Fall of 2002.

Jago Flood, aged 34, lives in St Ives, Cornwall & on narrowboat on Grand Union Canal; musician/poet/playwright (play on in Edinburgh Festival & on tour); work published in various UK/US publications, print & online.

Corinne Lee is a freelance writer and editor, and the owner/publisher of Winnow Press. Her work has appeared in dozens of literary magazines, and she has poems forthcoming in The Beloit Poetry Journal, Fine Madness, and Many Mountains Moving, among other periodicals. She has been a multiple nominee for the Pushcart Prize.

Andrew French. Lives in: CHIACAGO; age: 43; style: JUX-TA-POSITION; e-mail:

Michael Estabrook is working hard on genealogy these days, trying to find my place in the grand scheme; also trying to finish about a thousand poems begun over the past couple years, and get a real book of poems published, entitled "A Superlative Woman" (about my wife).

Donna Kuhn has published her poems in over 100 print and online journals and anthologies including Santa Clara Review, Poetry New York, Red Dirt, fuel, Poesy, Naked Poetry, Unlikely Stories, Spadra, Juxta, Onyx, Moria, Alchemix, Sendecki, Mesechabe, Churn, 5-trope, Lost and Found Times, Wired Hearts, Big Bridge, Red Coral Grotto, Pig Iron Malt, Ten Thousand Monkeys, Moondance, asspants, The Tomcat, Porter Gulch Review, poetry motel, Sonoma Mandala, The Dickens, Tunnel Road Anthology, and her chapbook, no bird on yr arm, has been published by Tamaphyr Mountain Press. Her second chapbook, Red Plastic Mystic Fish Ladle is forthcoming from Xpressed in September, 2003. Her poetry has been choreographed by Natica Angillys’ Poetic Dance Theater and is also incorporated into her own visual art and multimedia poetry/dance videos. She has read and performed her poetry in venues in The Bay Area, Colorado and Maryland, often with musical accompaniment. Her teaching experience includes teaching poetry in public schools, at the college level, at mental health clinics, and at nursing homes and retirement centers through adult education in which she holds two teaching credentials. Her B.A is in Alternative/Creative Writing from Sonoma State University and she has done graduate work in creative writing at Colorado State University. She lives in Aptos, California.

Amit Dwibedy and Billy Gomberg have been re-reading Lyn Hejinian's My Life.

Apryl Fox has been published in several magazines, including Word Riot, Locust Magazine, Offcourse Magazine, Erete's Bloom, Laughing Dog, and the Blue Fifth Review. She has poetry forthcoming in Star/Line and Snow Monkey and currently resides in Michigan.

Dylan Willoughby lives in the East Village in New York City. His poems have appeared recently in Can We Have Our Ball Back, Shampoo, Taverner's Koans and VeRT.

Ian Randall Wilson is the managing editor of the poetry journal 88. Recent work has appeared in The Alaska Quarterly Review, Spinning Jenny, and Spork. His first fiction collection, Hunger and Other Stories, was published by Hollyridge Press.

Born 9.3.76, Daniel Sumrall recently earned his MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Notre Dame. He currently lives in Blacksburg, Virginia and can be reached at:

Stephen Oliver: b. 1950. Grew in Brooklyn-west, Wellington, New Zealand. Author of twelve titles of poetry, including: Night of Warehouses: Poems 1978-2000, HeadworX Publishers, 2001. One year Magazine Journalism course, Wellington Polytechnic. Radio NZ Broadcasting School. Casual Radio Actor. Lived in Paris, Vienna, London, San Francisco, Greece and Israel. Signed on with the radio ship, "The Voice of Peace" broadcasting in the Mediterranean out of Jaffa. Free-lanced as production voice, newsreader, announcer, voice actor, journalist, copy and features writer. Poems widely represented in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, USA, UK, South Africa, Canada, etc. Recently published, DEADLY POLLEN, a poetry chapbook, Word Riot Press, (USA), 2003, and, Ballads, Satire & Salt - A Book of Diversions [with illustrations by Matt ottley], Greywacke Press, 2003. Forthcoming: a CD of poems titled: KING HIT - Selected Readings ­ written and read by Stephen Oliver to original music composed by Matt Ottley, for international release. Stephen is a transtasman poet and writer who lives in Sydney.

D.J. Huppatz lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has published a wide variety of writing including poetry, literary criticism and fiction, as well as contemporary art reviews. He is the author of four chapbooks: The Week Sonnets, Sealer’s Cove, American Songs and City of Swallows. In 1998 he co-founded Textbase, a literary journal and experimental small press.

Mary Kasimor: "I am a college instructor. This summer I am teaching an Introduction to Literature class. We have been working on poetry—most of my students are afraid of poetry or don't like it. However, I am elated to read their reactions to what they've been assigned. Maybe I am making headway... I have been published in many literary print and online journals including Prosodia, moria, Cross-Cultural Poetics, Nedge, GutCult, Volt, and others.

Eileen Tabios's most recent book is Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole ( She is the publisher of Meritage Press ( and concocts temporal poetics on her infamous blog "Corpsepoetics (formerly Winepoetics)" at In Spring 2004, she will release her next poetry collection, Menage a Trois With the 21st Century (xPressed).

Noah Eli Gordon is the author of The Frequencies, founding editor of Baffling Combustions and publisher of the Braincase chapbook series. Other work on-line can be found at,,,,, free verse, and Email him at

Michael Ruby’s first book of poems, At an Intersection, was published by Alef Books in New York at the end of last year. His long poem “Wave Talk” appeared this past winter in syllogism in Berkeley, and other poems are coming out this year in Lost & Found Times in Columbus and in e-zines Poethia, Mudlark, xStream, Sidereality and Shampoo. He is working on a new book of poetry, American Songbook, based on phrases from songs throughout the 20th century. His webbook Fleeting Memories is available from Ugly Duckling Presse. He lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and works as a journalist.

As Robert Motherwell states, "I begin painting with a series of mistakes. The painting comes out of the correction of mistakes by feeling . . . My pictures have layers of mistakes buried in them . . . They are a succession of humiliations . . . I am always searching." Likewise, Stacy Elaine Dacheux is charmingly crooked, and, on a good day, her writing tends to reflect this imperfection like a haircut from 1986. Email her at

Steve Timm teaches English as a second langauge at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Recently, his work has shown up in Word For/Word, Sidereality, Bird Dog, and Moria.

August Highland is the originator of hyper-literary fiction, microlinear storytelling, next-gen nanopoetics, genre-splicing and metapoetics theatre; the founder of the worldwide literati mobilization network, the international belles lettres federation and the superheroes of humanities; the publisher of the culture animal press and muse apprentice guild.

Noah Pollock lives and works in Chile. He is editing the poetry newsletter punp, and is open to submissions and correspondence at

Chrisophe Casamassima: Founding member of Furniture Press. Co-edits Ambit: journal of poetry and poetics & Anomia: on-line journal of new writing (forthcoming @ Organizes One West, a reading series for up and coming writers in Baltimore. Pomes have appeared/will be appearing in Word For/Word, Eratio, Moria, Generator, X-Pressed. Author of 'Mov/ement[s]' (Furniture Press, 2002) and (God willing) soon to be finished 'Psstcards'.

)ohnLowther is a member of the Atlanta Poets Group, editor of the small press 3rdness and the magazine 108. His work appears in the University of Alabama anthology Another South edited by Bill Lavender. He is the author of Slurs & Antics forthcoming from Potes & Poets and a number of chapbooks. Also see

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