Contributors to Aught, No. 2

William Allegrezza is a doctoral student in Comparative Literature at Louisiana State University.

Lenny DellaRocca has published poems in literary journals such as Nimrod, Seattle Review, Maryland Poetry Review, Negative Capability, Poem, Sun Dog, Apalachee Quarterly and Wisconsin Review. He is 43 and writes for a newspaper.

Melissa Fondakowski works as a data entry clerk at a medical organization where she spends a lot of her time wandering the web reading the diary sections on individual home pages. She graduated with an MFA from Mills College in May 1997 and has been published in So To Speak, Ruah, Walrus and Almanor literary journals.

Leo Haber, adjunct professor of Hebrew language and literature at Hebrew Union College, New York, is also consulting editor at the monthly journal Midstream. He has published poetry, fiction, and articles on current affairs, literature, and music in a variety of journals including Commentary, Midstream, Witness, Louisville Review, Voices West, The Literary Review, Southern Poetry Review,, and The New York Times. He has won awards in fiction from Negative Capability, Literal Latte, Serpentine, and Red Rock Review; in poetry from Embers, Poetpourri, Quick Brown Fox Literary Journal, Icarus, Gramercy Pictures, El Dorado Writers' Guild, and the Poetry Society of Dallas, Texas.

David Hickman presently lives in Greensboro, NC, where he works as a mental health professional. He has an MFA from UNC-Greensboro and was the Randall Jarrell Fellow there in 1979. He also has an MA from Hollins College, and admits he may have strayed a bit from the conservative paths of these institutions. Portions from a longer poem can be seen at Flashpoint.

Greggory Moore's favorite prose writers are Nabokov, Sterne, Borges, and Stoppard; he lives in Orange County, California, but is looking to move to San Francisco; he has recently completed a first novel and novella but is not sure what the hell to do with either.

Jason Nelson is interested in the odd combination of words formed instead of the angle left from lines.  His poetry can be seen at Recursive Angel, Conspire, and Eclectica.

Chris Piuma, environs NYC. Editor of flim: a free page. Does Nothing. References available upon request.

Dana Standridge recently moved to Hawi, on the Big Island of Hawai'i, after 12 years abroad. Her poetry has recently been published online at Agnieszka's Dowry and at Recursive Angel.

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