Contributors to Aught, No. 5

Annabelle Clippinger has had two books published on Potes & Poets Press: Sky Frame (1999) and Cloud Banner (2001). She teaches English at Penn State and also works as Education Coordinator for Pitt Arts at University of Pittsburgh. She has two children, Tess and Philip, and is married to scholar David Clippinger. They live in the Pittsburgh area. Web page.

Sheila E. Murphy's most recent book is The Indelible Occasion (Potes & Poets Press, 2000). Forthcoming are Letters to Unfinished J. (Sun & Moon), Recent Flute Silences (SUN/gemini). Sheila Murphy led a series of programs and readings for the Arvon Foundation in Devon, England, in April, 2000. In October, 1999, she was a featured performer at the Brisbane Writers Festival in Queensland, Australia. Her home is in Phoenix, where she founded and coordinated for twelve years with Beverly Carver the Scottsdale Center for the Arts Poetry Series.

Aside from editing milk magazine, Larry Sawyer's work has appeared in Tabacaria (Portugal), Nexus, Cokefish, Snakeskin, Exquisite Corpse, Big Bridge and Jack. He has work forthcoming in Paper Tiger (Australia), and also Skanky Possum. Volume two of milk features Cid Corman, Matthew Lima and Vincent Katz, among others.

Stanislaw Mutz was born in Upper Silesia, Poland. He has published three books of poetry: Ebony candelabrum, Hakeldama, and Sonnets. Since the 90's he has also been writing plays and scripts. In 1992-5 he co-operated with Fa-art magazine, focused on postmodern art and literature. Some of his drawings you can see in "The Living Artists Gallery" on the Internet. The full collection is presented in the Virtual Gallery Double vision. He is an author of other Internet projects focused on art and literature at

Bertha Greschak lives in New York City. Her work has appeared in Moria and RealPoetik.

John Gimblett.  Lives and works in Newport, South Wales. Has travelled extensively, mostly writing and photographing in Asia and North Africa, and is the author of several books of poetry,including Mister John Travels in India (Stride). Has also been widely published in numerous magazines and journals, as well as having read in public infrequently over the years. A Wasted Life (selected poems) is to be published this year (2001) by Torana Press, and a novel Under The Hill is still seeking a publisher whose eyes don't just have dollar signs in them. More info on his web page.

Charles Ardinger has published in such e-zines as Unlikely Stories and Mefisto, taking pizza orders to earn money, and doing his best to subvert the dominant paradigm (and failing, finally, to avoid that damned cliche) to the extent that he has little time for the kind of life that would look good in a biographical note.

Antony Irvine is a Canadian living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and has been writing poety seriously for about ten years. He writes, "I am particulary attracted to 'language experimentation', if you could call it that. Thus the Ashbery influence and a strong liking for Dylan Thomas. My poetics, which could be summed up in 'The Colour of Saying' and in the general musicality of his language, remain very much part of the way I write (I often think of poetry in terms of colour or music.)"  He graduated with a degree in linguistics and French and Spanish Literature from a university in Canada.

Michael Farrell is the Australian editor of Slope.

Kenneth Sherwood has published poetry in numerous print and electronic journals, the chapbooks That Risk (Meow, 1996), Text2Box (Tailspin, 1995), and has been on the Public Radio series LINEbreak. He was writer-in-residence for the Just Buffalo Literary Center and founding editor of the early poetry e-zine RIF/T. He recently completed a dissertation on Modern poetry at SUNY Buffalo. His web page.

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