Aught, no. 14 (2005)

William Elmquist

Untitled #1

you taste
the tartness
of radde pasts
a nickel cadmium
live blood depleted
a thudding piaffer beat
in the pattering tiny hearts
in an empty quintuplet chamber
barrelling through deviate sides

smell the coldly absent air, it's still unmoving
its sight was divided into a binocular peer
from strained musical musings, gliding
past the veneer of stained growing
plectrums strum the venulose
run o’er the escalations
its tired, whilst trite
debased, while so blithe


Untitled #2

calm's gone
it stumbles
a great(est.) hit to
the jowl of the dawn

inflammatorily hurrying quicksand, suntrap snaps mouth
feeding over the never-ending blinking, liver-failure neon-text
superimposed, in the closed boutique, drained plastic recedes


Copyright 2005, by the author. All rights reserved.
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