Aught, no. 3 (1999)

Rob Faivre

Three Direction-als

for Ron; for Aught, 2.2.99

body channels another

A sudden shift in direction, cess-
ation of motion, ache in the elbow

One sender thanks me
for the space those opened.

Line by line, some hesitation
(Will he get this?)

In slow-mo paralysis, in-
ertial, not matter,

but material.

* * *

Stopped, brought to
it, inserted in snowbank

like terminal punctuation,
more like the end of an incomplete

sentence. (I'll leave my I.D.
with you, your doubt.)

Back a different way.
we need red for this,

for the effect. Head first —
already pocketing the keys

to be lost later

* * *

Lay out the chains, the friend
who says Follow me.

It was my first cellphone experience.
Thank you for opening that space.

One accident, numerous such
accidents in the channel

Static on the line, in the

matter. (Remember me?)
If this were self-referential,

there would be contact.

Copyright 1999, by the author. All rights reserved.
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