Aught, no. 10 (2003)

Vernon Frazer

You Mean It

                                                                                                        internal receptors

                                   parameter maximization

                                                                                                       "at this point in time"

                        methodology fragment

         -                                                            ed

                                                    prohibitive actualities present
                                                     auxiliary data other than

          "It is, therefore"                                                           (the curse serenity brings)

                                          in keeping with policy
                                          isolated voluntary                               "no regress"
                                          actuarial tables

                               taxonomic inundation, topsoil turvy

                                                                               "isometrically yours"

                                                  as opposed to

                                                                               your interpretation

jurisprudence of the half-shell                                                                                     by
dilemma:                                                                                                                        fore

                        waking semen through ontology
                         the grandeur awakening its nettled beck
                         working albatross ballads of steel

                                                  (ipso factotum)

                                                                                                   Or redress

Pellucid mires seek absinthe
Hidden in                                                   your
                   agenda's back pocket                                                          (stealth)

                                            frazer10_line.gif (67 bytes)

                                                  CRYOGENIC NUANCE SEEKS PRUDENCE

                                            frazer10_line.gif (64 bytes)


Enameled hardwick barriers
crustacean remorse, the pittance                        folds
                                                                    on the half-shell                Romance

                                                       jaded                                  nuisance

                    breeds                                               (the face of all rightward movement

                           Latent hemisphere edition
                            ampersand colostomy

                                                                        "Fetch me a truism, willya"

 Idiom as suture              Admire the cross-stitching
       redundant samples        svelte labels                       Grandiose morphosity

                                          endo-                                 zoic platform shoes

                                polymetric isomers

                                                                    Iridescent trellis

                                                                                              A future clams

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