Aught, no. 6 (2001)

Bill Freind

Absent hum

"I wish to inform you that the armed forces have moved in as a last resort to prevent further destabilization," he said, but it’s only today so where’d you go? How about this: interred in the impossibility of noon, we were left with a sense of the richness of the moment. Maybe I just wanted to hear you say that. When the revolution comes, hair will instantly have more body, more shine. If you’ll admit nothing is indelible, I’ll admit nothing is full. Outside, Goofy swore he had argued against the rocket attack, said Donald was just the kind of asshole to push for something like that. The pelter brought a non-staining formula, smiling vino saved for the summation with results that were other-than-Irish, at least from this viewing location. Just decide something. It’s late and expected to be bad.


Balcony address

Dear Public --

Don’t call me Gustav. Once I was exactly the same as every one of you, now I am writing a different thing. Occasionally the reverse is also true. No link is inextricable, not I but and. Here is where the white swan dies, my readers. History is now and angling -- were we ever there? In fact the prophets of fail now brink again, as likely to was as destroy with levelling device on lid. These are the overpronouncers, the speakers of superscript, the unsurprisers of frost with their one two three. We are waiting for the angels and will leave no place to run, but a few to hide, perhaps. Support our sponsors and stop looking at my dishes.



No dream and not allowed to say it
now falling entry or farflung starlet
a turn to random batch that’s never.
This is no time for heavy breathing.
We’ve both said some things we don’t mean
so let’s coterm the crude likeness,
chant it down more or less in line
with analysts’ expectations.
That was a love story, unmanned.
They’ll take it from there. It was never me.


Last Licks at the Ladder

A few places are vague
but her irk was sleeveless.
Am I wrong for noticing?
Left with the usual rind
lack made an appearance       
and was indistinguishable from have.        
Happy? Together we hollowed
inters near that beauty thing,
gaps falling into beds.

Copyright 2001, by the author. All rights reserved.
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