Aught, no. 15 (2006)

Jessica Hullman

3 Loves-of-a-Lifetime

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Mess office monogrammed.                       Helicopter feelers, canopy hum.                South call of - pastel baked - arrival.               Phone blond milk sweet, clipboard.                Land bowl heat elbows captain speak thatched.               Torrent nowheres tent star.               Tooth folders, link:no, good gruff.                Eel staff  (eye) murk suck shriek.

(Blowing curtain empty)


Film green girls, angled in, wisps waves.                Fumbling memory waiting vinyl.                Jalopies rice hard (unwelcome).  

Narrow mountain. Barefoot snake.


Three screen oblivious, doctor shoulder's young.                Hut brow - tearing out - cubes sweat open sky.                Ancient bundled steep.                Secluded bold sincere, perfect gift recite.  


(Softly room, bookcase he).



Sublime Floor

Girl with profile near southern tribes, drives toward spiral of black . "Only through the eyes disclosure."  Or a once inflated pearl forgot?

The sun, not bright, puddles sublime; we've come to see the                parking garage, left corner.  Two gray lampposts, notes of steel; clean glass putty.

(Left without the city).

Double lights and trees appear; homed inference. In yellow windows theirs; called two passing by.

doubt            focus
noir            orgasmic
orange            blind

"The rain in Nebraska was cinematic, circa 1939, year of…"

                                                                                pearl               sheets to wind

Robin's egg groves             horse                          black-green  

                                                        Even in pastimes - "this was all on film."


Rabbit. Appears along edge, in distance blurs the muscle's twitch of dusk.  Watching her happiness, which is great if later on for this wish, especially should he bring.  Hair black in entry. The sky opened over the slope; displays the ease with which idols are constructed.  Rivals, yet there still pressed to necks.  An exhibit of the situation in broken points. Finding oneself inserted after the event.  

The eyes, hazel;                                                                 

Beneath broad wings take her fear of repeats.  Symbols unhinge, fall.  Punctuates with passing cars, to draw an outline of prefiguring event.  Insolence; and, it takes years with those types; the shape of a well replaces turning.  Draw drops. Between denials pinned round their necks.  Your god must have predicted this.  One wakes unoccassioned; the impotence of tongue.

the other day i forgot

                                                a year passed

                                        murmurs caught

Summer's recital, table oak; streaks of moisture conspire in the eventual closure. Hers, a circle.  Ladies and gentlemen we have gathered and knocked our heads. Keeping the milk jug close, the rough skin of elbows committed to memory, though none as foreign as his fingers.  Nor will you escape worrying or asking what is asked.  Morning's thick glass, air heavy with daylit sprawl his swallow. To those of you who are this will not apply you yourself the unsolvable.

So acquiesce. Keeping his bird's eye view, contracts.  In the spaces like a photographic negative traces the tips.  We know one another best in silence, requiring an exclusion.  Aperture's meld into cushion: where one no longer dreads a broken diffusion, thin metallic through blinds. White-walled, museum dusk. Despite this I see us a private set.

pressing lightly                                    

                                                                  the neck

Guileless, milk glass tall, firmly demarcated against wood. Totem or bottle's neck.  You ought to be like this; what is unattainable in event.  Unstrung jaw as an exception. By a single speaks of impossible; leans over plate. You may not be like this. In the equation for rationing parts, each is commoditized, both intent as in reading script. A practice, or; prerogative.

Bureau preserved

                                          behind reflection

Fireflies, the hour of recognition.  What we left at the entrance; veined bow of antelope, muffled beat. In final exhibit's height; a hand goes to our necks.  Touch of space.  Shutting his eyes, perfect sockets superimpose. As an archaeologist. Below; reminders of earth.




       She washes her clothes in the tub. From the back, it hangs.  Chocolate fading incongruously on the table, courtyard air to suck unsuspecting. Limpid limbs through which the step, at first firm, speaks.
       Above, a street blows trash down an angular slate. Stepped.  Partly arrival to rural German slapstick overcome.  Lunch (?), a hurried alley disjoint.  The rash and greasy plastic skins keep idols, less contamination; they give the street away. Busses seem logical but the weary electricity, prerequisite.  Each member of a clock unique as to sigh in families.  Cash.
       I loved you, this was "once."  A wheel of legs and perfume.
       How many come on plush?  Now selling as sugar, glass jars. Booths of things glow neon green plus exchange.  You don't notice him, until gray dawn beside you tight jeans he says, hi.  Watery four o'clock sun breaks a foreshadowed curtain.  Mottled squares shine despite.  In brighter colors, violence predates the escalator.

        The three reappearing as pigeons lend unity; severest edge or other side.  The ones who cum in afternoon doom and a restroom wait idyllic, even exotic gold mirrors, painted door.  
Pressed up against.  Dutifully traces with bright red lips.  And after.  In smiles of woven cats.  To head toward a seat in the corner beside.

       "The corridor's guards fluorescent tubes, gold as the king's dyes.  Ecstatic; cavern.  Modern bleeding hearts, once stroked under whose tender point careful the gardener's eye."


Copyright © 2006, by the author. All rights reserved.
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