Aught, no. 6 (2001)

D.J. Huppatz


to find

he only dug
whistled sadly

another sparse plot
((acoustic traces))

caressed each phrase
nobody knows

the trouble
whispering in

invisible overtones
unsifted soil

or oil slick
weighted by grids

a strata disaster
nouns are banked

withdrawal method
pick handle

alternative key
opens minor languages


at this speed everything looks grey

that acidic all-at-oneness & all-at-onceness
now comes with extra speed:

Hermes endlessly
pixelated across the square horizon.

reel to real to reel
marked by fear of the gap:
go(l)d to fill it?

(don't you know
               you have to kill a tortoise to make a lyre?)

no blind spots, the eyes are everywhere.

sitting there sendentary, terminally.
at this speed everything looks grey.



many things & most things are all the same.
details to glue. extensions of.
telephone & telescope.

in clouds includes
lubricated clicking.

in comfortable old socks & pronouns.
in lemon green vintage glass
on glass table
in office:

fire extinguisher.
potted plant bursts.
                             exit > to sky

Copyright 2001, by the author. All rights reserved.
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