Aught, no. 14 (2005)

Peter Jungers

Night Shift

one day, where a canvas bag marked with mud collapsed on itself, farms, machines, to noticed the metal was thread string like thicker intervals of silence, and in the bag, the one life, feet, a top of the world, washers and nails, I, identical opposites, posits canvas as a bag, one with, at the bottom, a second bag, for me to have left me, to return a toe at least, I took them with me down field corridors, I not I, the floor, grass, a singing into confetti, the air, to be in such a condition, where the vents in the sky are someone I knew only in me, as physical vision but spiritual non-connection, and there drove the open streets of recognize into mission, purpose and grain, visiting fog, the grass of the bed, up and sigh, leaves a breeze where cannot but begins, for the mountains a long dead wall, alone stepped shadow, headlights creep all, grass of branches out tiny hysterical I, to light, star, you weak are, to bright disappears, a name project 'round the moon

I held long the metal of motion, sitting on the trailer in the sun, just as I am a pupil, it did not rain, the smell of celery and turpentine, my father drove the air through vents, open windows, truck lodged itself my one yellow blinked cross-street, in transitory months I am fixed in time, memory, the autumn come the silky salty eating, there were plastic, insects, seeds, tiny rotten, hit in the lips with dirt and breeze, minutes, I am east, clipped as the moon I saw had shades of sun changing it, up so long, past tips, tips tiny leaves the door until silence, and somewhere past, crowded from ease of sleep, and in dreams to look but look away, he called me from the open window, head, face, "you, shadow, you!" a photograph, me, inside, reflected on tall windows held in the hand, the home is by one

a flashlight at dawn, steel ribs, preparing to leave, to cool the high moon, there are always shadows, these are not the same shadows as those of noon, the day far off, from puddles, mud, the dogs tossing wet kittens, the atmosphere bends orange dawn, the light seen is not yet real, a stop in air, in previous life I know, a noise aesthete, this life here, one thin turn relaxed in dream, I must new noise, city by default, dormant, long dead, in a sense, to find the large root, and on me are many, the pinpoint holes of reality which serve only as artifacts, a stranger walking the street, O bag bulbous metal, my ears, attach the drums to the veins, streets, trees I left behind, in the room remembered canvas, upright with soft, at times was you, though infinite, for I to through, as dirt siphoned, not chance the pebble remains, I were, I you, I, I floor, pluck, I air, window, talking, I did, colored lights blared no just, warm night vents, semen pink orange streets, branches, breeze, as sun rise, clouds a dead relaxing wall, hearing dogs growl, house windows, and violet warm decibels

you stepped up the headlights across the country creep, I do not want this city, discord, "I can't tell if he's created something new, or if he just doesn't know what he's doing," concrete, sun smeared, vision in green parks, in tips of architecture, in the feel, music or silence, all sound, the texture of strings, sinew, and shuddering nervously, I, on the other hand, but I use both hands, much as city windows become their own lights, to bright eyes, into, 'round the sun, a flashlight at noon is an eye in an empty room, a rotating mind (the best movie in town is the one playing behind your own eyelids) projected on wall, eye, so the lonesome white stare of day, no, artist

cold, loading paint onto sound onto dirt onto light, into being, of itself life, lights for smeared, alternate, and stood in the rain in the night, the breaks silky like in smoke, there like plastic, bags of clothes, I am on the move, though motionless, stare at a face after a sky, I sliver but it, it had depth, I dream, yellow at first, but saw shades changing it, lying gray, past it I stared, gap from gap, clouds, hair, the moon was full of I, away, and my, whose lights, the photograph sudden, from white fluoresce, beyond blue, the three-quarter moon, "where is my bed" I asked, he had a flashlight in the downpour, we waited in the van, listening, she said she loved him, I've never heard it so genuine, shining within the tent, canvas, to think of silver truck trailers, of states, to lights, to go home, to sleep, the nights under fields are warm, no lights, there are no shadows, on eyelids cloud blue sun, golden-orange


Control Is No Control

Compliance mine, wrote I called compliance
called I after mine, wrote compliance after requested
wrote mine as gambler, into conscious, as into moral into gambler,
gambler, as into conscious gambler, gambler was form the part times.
Actors' was noted holiday times. They the part was. They quick part a man bridges northern
looking back, a man railroad looking into bridge northern into bound northern bridge.
A time from in country a long people;
in country time from a country much from time,
man him. He for things charity.
Man law things forefathers. He for man forefathers, us.
For he at comfortable there indeed, place, at town particularly indeed,
hotels; comfortable there at hotels; tourists there comfortable catch come root,
mix call catch next fool mix it come root, catch it up root,
come already glimmered faintly cow, already one still faintly glimmered,
glimmered already faintly, trunks glimmered glimmered good-natured
came heartache, sickening good-natured no ball,
sickening disinclination came heartache,
good-natured disinclination through heartache came was
somewhere in cows was in light in the somewhere somewhere was the dust
somewhere somewhere was am quite sure birth,
suspect was born place birth, quite sure was birth, but sure quite about my wife
poor family doctor, about in health, family doctor,
wife poor about doctor, suitable poor wife agency more storm in which agency bleak in to more
storm agency to speculations storm more was autumn winter coming which was autumn all coming
together. Winter winter was together.
Ploughmen winter winter that mere ordinary secure,
that ordinary people ordinary ancestral mere mere that ancestral summer.
Mere mere railway-carriage remaining person railway-carriage been full out person
person railway-carriage out person person
hearing come rising thick, hearing all rising water,
come rising hearing water,
dust rising come many may the strange meaning receive many problem
meaning not the strange
many not without strange
the at make observe romantic at distinction. Sentimentalism.
Romantic not make observe at not put observe make glanced them.
These were which glanced level, which the these were glanced the thrust were these
all more comfortable if entrance, all no comfortable if the more comfortable all the purposes,
comfortable more had from the missionary, sinner.
Gracious had descended old sinner.
That the missionary had that much missionary,
the had glimmering intelligence had long still glimmering intelligence
glimmering glimmering had intelligence but glimmering glimmering chanter small featuring sacred
chanter small featuring the featuring, featuring chanter,
the mountains featuring featuring
am called birds I crow am among loon I the called birds am the thought birds called father,
me, father, pity crying father, on all pity me, father, father, pity multitude father, me.
Have make for nights cloud have dance.
Will nights make for have nights you for make a some irregularly ascending reached a weather-
stained irregularly ascending footpath
some irregularly a footpath wound irregularly some as same author's privately copies,
as printed, explained privately same author's as privately number author's same what summer
I cut what happened until I not summer summer what not summers,
summer summer have bloomed for bitter
which have on all bitter bloomed for have bitter stunted for bloomed gate,
crimson the for will come. Gate, vines cling will for gate,
you for the last summer I crossing last happened plains
I to summer summer last to fortune summer summer above chimney-pots, shiver cinnamon
flickered above rotating blue cinnamon amethyst,
chimney-pots shiver above amethyst, blue shiver chimney-pots,
a man dragged father his orchard. And along his stop!
Dragged father and stop!
Our father dragged clean may be mother.
Its licks clean I'll it's be mother.
Clean, it's young mother be was marked scars.
Disease graceful was and although disease taken marked scars, was taken out scars marked maker,
stormy, the shoulders: wicked maker, and handler; wicked them, the shoulders: maker, them,
your shoulders: have mind winter pine-trees crusted have mind cold pine-trees winter winter have
pine-trees crusted winter winter was time,
far knocking scrawny, was diffident old knocking about time,
far was about unbeautiful far time, beautifulness! Uniform;
eyes her shining back beautifulness!
Exulted shining with eyes her beautifulness with paintbrush her eyes at moves her I.
At young negligee I solitary moves her
at solitary curb her moves also,
many gives heart is much also,
and play is part gives heart also,
part much heart gives beats me.
Startled-split crackles beats upon startled-split me.
Startled-beats split anguished-startled-me.
Marble, square-limbed letters in mockingly; marble,
challengers oblivion in the square-limbed letters
marble, the builds letters square-limbed are important beyond reading
perfect are things all reading it, beyond reading are it, genuine.
Reading beyond a same, around evening occupied.
Around half evening midnight same, around a midnight summer around same, spread muttering
cheap spread against like muttering retreats muttering,
muttering spread tedious muttering muttering
was among trees where against cloud was in little against trees where was against unto where trees
pregnant rumbles terrific pregnant rumbles terrific thunder,
rumbles terrific pregnant thunder, quake terrific rumbles heaped much voice.
Reasons avoiding flicker heaped upon small avoiding until voice.
Reasons heaped until surely reasons voice. Pleading woman. She for things.
Can pleading loves things.
Take she for pleading take cutting, for she had smelled fire,
hill-top came had gone all hill-top smelled fire, had hill-top underneath fire, smelled.
Utopian may meet relate, in accents utopian who'll in accents meet relate,
utopian accents suave, relate, meet peace;
most create their I, is peace peace; when loving is the create their peace; the mountain their create
that mark the father.
It recitation that in fell it the father.
That it unless, father.
The make mostly the hours which make smoothness love which though the hours make though
hours the lazily tournament for flashing, lazily disdaining indolent flashing night's tournament for
lazily nights, for tournament. And man, hear inquired.
Back and last inquired to hear hear and to out hear hear wall must her in center wall stunned
old in center her her WALL center SURE her her and come from field,
watching and field,
field, path come from and path although from come had come trees.
Facing reflection had in bell facing everything come trees, had everything hung trees,
come make meek random consolation pockets.
Make adjustments, consolations
consolations the meek random make the fury random meek. Marvelous,
I'm bother said. Scent marvelous thing painless, said.
It bother bother marvelous it out bother bother came strokes in child came and light in thronging
came strokes came thronging fountain strokes came.
Rotary, monkey mister ride cadillac, rotary, sons cadillac,
ride tin monkey mister rotary, tin stuck mister monkey, ancient human veins.
Grown like ancient, ancient world like the veins grown ancient the young grown veins. Afternoon
small over wire fence afternoon
last wire to over over afternoon to clouds over over well-meaning,
mole mirrors him declare well-meaning, quibble mirrors must mole mirrors well-meaning, must
tortured mirrors mole across homeward paling
can't across in field. Paling light, homeward homeward across light,
use homeward homeward. Speak me.
Are I conceal speak hand.
Will I tell me.
Are speak tell you are me.
Reach me purse cigarette without o'clock
reach in like without purse cigarette reach without cigarette purse.
And company love, whither choice.
And world choice. The love, whither.
And the wither love was midsummer sits
much was one last sits midsummer, midsummer was sits around midsummer midsummer.
Ago small, meager with acquaintance ago in small,
with meager meager ago with student meager meager am invisible nor I substance,
am an invisible I substance,
invisible nor am substance, liquids – nor invisible.
Whatsoever might . . . . really hard.
Walking difficulty whatsoever hand really walking the really hard.
Whatsoever the difficulty hard, really –


Goat Song

that expression                “Let energy          making for there control cycling
there light          secret      the nutrients             the art, be moved                 flow ecosystems             
— was self          new   and on in crafty                and was of any               of the new          of

                                         Now throughout               Influence          of sun     to field       was serpent
greatness          without depth             poetry        climates            had source more than the Earth
the    Sun’s        in beast energy                        and in the said decline                                the ecosystem generation
is trick which the original depth                                                is indeed God (through public energy
renaissance                of irretrievable system) point made flat                                                for it

that expression                        “Satan liberality

                                               “Let energy


that expression                        “Let energy                making for there control cycling                                that


                       “Satan liberality                        tranquil mimic                  auburn jut jar ankh sheik”

                                       Now throughout                        Influence           of sun        to field                was
energetics               of global eat woman flow                                not vanishing                  and has to the
perspective                — any on the said, and close, and point —                                                        shall
trick garden                drives far objects, all circulation                                                        from all important
on not        dependant vanishing                        land air stage tree water                                           there’s the
amount you get                         sunlight          no  such places                as give        the earth                became
for year         I hrs.    which not            and of        in to      same magic         similarities
likenesses, see


Copyright 2005, by the author. All rights reserved.
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