Aught, no. 14 (2005)

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Steve Dalachinsky

5 poems ( the human factor)

apt i e d apartheid
at apart eyed etc h ed
lasa gn(a) e id o eunu c (u) h
re fer pric/e/nce
b ased apartheid be seiged n.....///> night cast
all ied c rit b inge
s p a s m reflexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
rise n from the grave
erase red tailed haw k
l s i s a w r described apartheid
cunt x-pa ds beneath the souls
h e l p h e llo journalists i'm here too help hello
ho mo ( p ro teins
re al s chooled puss ogs((((((((
sea rchandestroy eachother
visi too walled divisional bloodstems (apartheid) vex (
ol e o ped a u gogy i g u y s - gals challenge
moo n r ise
stone set apart hide a par tide



jungle boy

s uch ba ck stabbin even t happened
ing ing ing ing t e sticled truthes partake
r ythm h o t narc iscuss stop/page groundbreaking
stop page
top story jungle boy runs away w/ never see
what we never see
rr r tu r n er' s use of light y ada hyadailydosage


psuedo d iopsaphane supo lep to arcticulate etc.
we f rie d hospital beds i l l left off
mp pa o ( s a io civilization what we never see


i e ( e fo g frogmented tadpoles re-evolving pollution
what we never see ovaried explosions
( jungle boy slept on 42nd street beneath the camel sign
) one
ni g h t recen t ly arm ed with only his
k ne w d i v e r dan'd come and save him
slept beneath elsueno de la mar faceturning
ala ( icey pentagonal acrobats r
rachellllled to bibly
c gulp g r a y w yield difficult for him to
close his eyes
lab yrinthine be c ause he had never been in a jungle before
ts ts says( m ad
man ts - ts says mo le ma n says mud man
ubiquitous hero pioneers
t ick tick says the bomb beneath my waist sho re
line closing in
s l ice s of r s ( doses of t u v
e co l o logy is a rug to lie awake on thinks jungle



r A c(h)is im bafter
f a ( c et
in k e y finger draws
trojan nails
i br idged
nuqe talent
( c aug h t
m r tibbs
rendered unto( boschness
w ild ducks o
d rib bl e eni
ma ar i nui
et at spe c (juana
i es
e s t ate a
me as sp re p r
stir s ire
toened sack anomlitite
du pe n unction ( f e
r anc hero engulph
in dead fe elings psa
e ats



( h or n r ous er oven
s u rg ng b ehi nd upla
e y e b icseps fogging
o u s t a d d ressed m y attitude unjustly
r ( pple s
sno ut a r e na ven u e
t im ( bu k toooooooooooooooooooooooooo
lied hard s l ights ladled
tropp ( w eisnesheimer me in
ru p ture i b p ( housed in rapture
oscillllatttteddddd c ut out s
h y brid white bread inbred asssessssssss
in exhorable traits electrical votes ( untidy
grenades er a pes elps
h e x ( p l o d e d
w ith
sad ayes



( t es un shove la grate k indlllll in
s o the night comes in voices atop s oo t a
marty ry tasmonia
toward min ts f k ed buying rosepetals from dead horse
arra nging the bodies to go off simultaneously
bomb bays we are bomb bays full of boms igg y g ins & tonic
e s s pouse e
w i r e y frames we are ticking time things waiting
to go off
offff offf
s atiated never o the deep end impaled then
tuned in narrds sure would be alot of fun steve
gottcha c hildrem
n o e
s afe ta enter
c ir cum c i se d
l un ar uteral ( trajectories
se gue d e n ded rude
sleepy & abrupt


Notes on the composition


jukka sends me computer generated erasures in groups( he refers to as templates )

i add or subtract from them in the case of thse poems i added mostly
creating a kind of spontaneous poesie
this particular grouping informed broadly by food

for me part of the writing is based on what i call quasi-linear writing and chaotic structuralism

ball's in your court jukka



'I send Steve computer-generated texts, 'templates', which are based to stochastic procedures and use my own poems as sources. They have been done with one goal in mind, to try maximize a 'desire' to fill the holes in texts, any holes
Steve may find from there (there are 'physical' holes ie. missing letters, and 'mental' holes ie. missing words in
'narrative'/linear structure).



sounds good to me jukka's statement has a couple of minor grammatical

english being his second language tho most times you'd never know it

bad at writing long theory being
a short person but chaotic structuralism which has some basic
non-existent principals
is the basis i think of everything the universe has to offer
chaos within structure
structured chaos or structure within chaos
everything has a structure conversely everything is in total chaos
structure is comprised of chaos / chaos of structure
one does not ever exclude the other
this can be and has been and is continually applied to the arts/ poetry
painting dance
is inherent in all form form is formed /informed by chaos
chaos therefore (in)formed by form /structure alter the 4 last
letters of structure
you are left with true the infra structure of chaos is form / structure
& vice-versa

quasi-linear an invention of less than a week is simply the use of
fragmentation within complete thought i.e. linear thinking or poesie
which of course is learned behavior
since we weren't born as linear thinkers/creatures more like drunks
walking the breathline
so if you examine what i've added to jukka's erasures you'll notice
some long line linearities distorted to form quasi-linearities
an example of this distortion would be to be or not to not be not
let's say
or even dispelling with all the the's a's etc in one's work
creating an equality of words me = i not I god is god not God
oh that's a different subject
anyway quasi-linear is fragmenting of sentences / images within a pome
which might also still contain more traditional sentence structures/
adding a bit of chaos to structuralism
one can also create the entire pome out of quasi-linear thought structure
image scenarios

frags are also a new form not yet invented i think what jukka sends me
are more in the order of frags since he is eliminating from existent
texts key words here exist & exit

when john m. bennett & i or jim leftwich & i do these back & forth e-mail

or vernon frazer or folks i've done more linear pomes with it's pretty
much always about adding (addition ) whereas when jukka & i do them
it's almost always about subtract/add/subtract the process is more
organic & everchanging ditto w/ a few long ones i've done with andrew


Copyright 2005, by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen and Steve Dalachinsky. All rights reserved.
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