Aught, no. 13 (2004)

Jon Leon


Explanatory what can we say. No erasure of difference.
Anything setting not eager or silent. Booming alleyways
backdoors the midst. We're proving it this segregating focus.
Less and less on anything moving. Clearly in that arena
or any course irrational. About what do we present
public movement. Tendencies vice anything moving.
We're good druggists. Records and ball today thinking
sophisticated other at thirty. Speeches stark action stumped.
With to ask tearing off characterization. In speeches
removing eyes right, sockets ditches, digging burn.
Themes rough manifesto on anything moving but are
finding no movement. All day long until lice. Where
discount looks foreign rows. Cognition, results, etc.



Building beauty by transference through sexual conquest.
To acquire and build beauty the quantitive acquisition.
Ultra-sexuality. Building to beauty acquire by and transference
build through beauty sexual the conquest quantitive building
acquisition beauty ultra by sexuality. Brings hospital bed to
corner flips the mattress. Television running the length of the
wall painted remote for the sickbay coterie. Brings television
hospital running bed the length corner of flips the wall mattress
painted brings remote hospital for bed to sickbay corner
coterie. Building brings to a beauty hospital acquire television
by bed and runs transference to build through length beauty
corner sexual of the conquest one quantitive wall building room
acquisition a beauty and ultra painted by flips sexuality remote
building to for beauty mattress acquire the hesitate brings and
sickbay transference hospital build coterie.



We made our way into the woods do you remember.
You first where we were foreign. Today in town
last the trickeries of labor. Caved in to a circuit board
of verisimilitude or something like it. Many men
bound to the fragrance of find contentment in
the action of. There hosts of ladies many men out.
Where ladies' bodies vie for or ladies turn radioactive
we are back in the steel forest. We are where the past
stopped where men raped infants and murder many men.


Copyright 2004, by the author. All rights reserved.
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