Aught, no. 15 (2006)

Heller Levinson


discriminatory aquatics

               waterfowl          luxe

anaerobic concubines

the knowledge of water spreads over the water

a violin disrobing

                              , translations co-opting

                 (the lug of trunk
                               , emigrant tubas

attach the concept of trunk to one’s gait

            — trunk walk

freedom is allowance permutative density

                                   ,unpublishable hairsprays

the tongues archaeology predates the characteristics of work

juice    a devotional squeeze

squeeze the gait

speckled jellyfish samba

the mattress of understanding

ausculate the verb


the running water


Abyssal Recitation



pitching liquid vernacular

rounding vascular pith

                — a layman's circumference

capitulation severance

a tear endemic as currency


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