Aught, no. 15 (2006)

Dru Philippou

Auberge du soleil

Auberge du soleil is obscured by olive trees
And nestles in a hill. Casa del Mar is of pale
Stucco backed by a dell of Ferns. The Chateau
Tivoli was built in 1892. The Babbling Brook
Sits in a shaded wood. The Blue Whale has
A tiny Japanese garden. On the island of
San Pablo Bay there’s the East Brother
Light Station. From Roundstone Farm you’ll
See Tomales Bay. The Maison Fleurie
Was formerly known as Magnolia. Wisteria
Surrounds the Thistle Dew. Rosemary
Camiformio is the chef at St. Orres and
Serves Raccoon potpie. Avalon House
Is by the beach. Wine & Roses is an historic
White Farmhouse about hundred years old.
The Coloma has a collection of blue-and-white
Delftware jars. The Foxes have a selection
Of Rococoo Revival sofas. Tumbling
Waterfalls is a sight at Flume’s End. At
Grandmère’s you can sit on stone benches
And eat cookies. The Heirloom is decorated
With copper kettles. The Shore House is
Located at a sharp curve in the road on
Lake Tahoe. White Horse Inn makes
Homemade breads. The fireplace at the
Yosemite Peregrine is made from local
Rock. The Rainbow Tarns rests in a hillside
And appears to defy gravity. Malibu Beach
Inn has a “Malibu look”: red-tile roof, and
Terra-cotta floors. Marjorie Bettenhausen
Owns the Seal Beach Inn and has flower-
Filled Napoleonic jardinières; an iron fountain
From Paris; and Mediterranean tile murals.
On a clear day you can see Catalina
Island from Casa Tropicana. In the
San Bernardino Mountains, Bracken
Fern is known for its sordid past. Eagle’s
Landing soars above the trees. Korakia
Pensione replicates a villa in Tangier.
Windermere Manor has gleaming chandeliers.
Windy Point is surrounded on three sides
By water. Inn at 657 is a polyglot of men
in Armani suits and men in rags. Portofino has
Bouffant balloon curtains; Faux-marble columns;
Lace antimacassars; curved-back settees; and
Etched glass windows. Los Olivos is tucked into
Oak-dotted ocher hills of the Santa Ynez Valley.
The Ballard Inn is in Cape Cod-style.
The Crystal Rose is a three-story pinker.
Mary May was built in 1880. The Squibb House
Lacks creature comforts. The Upham is topped
With a cupola. At the Jabberwock, “Things are not
Always as they seem.” Mangels House was once
Owned by a sugar baron. The Post Ranch boasts:
“We just fit Big Sur.” If you prefer a Moorish style,
Visit the Cypress Inn. The Gatehouse Inn is an
Italianate Victorian house. The Gosby is gabled.
Robles Del Rio favors an Old-fashioned
Cowboy living style. At Grandma’s there are
Plenty of floral overstuffed sofas. Pillar Point
Is North of Half Moon Bay. Le Chateau du
Sureau evokes childhood memories. White Sulphur
Springs overlooks the Mohawk Valley.
Clover Valley is near a tiny sawmill town.
Enjoy a Champagne evening at the Stonepine.
The Centrella was built in 1889. Just Inn?
Stroll among orange, plum, lemon, tangerine,
And box elder trees at the Fern Oaks Inn.
La Mer is visible from afar. Head for the
Olallieberry, “Where time stands still.”
Villa Rosa has wrought-iron balconies.
Apple Lane was once part of a Spanish land
Grant. Anna’s Three Bears is where Goldilocks
Never had it so good. Auberge Des Artistes is
Located on a funky stretch of Fillmore Street.
At Inn Above the Tides binoculars are available
For a view of Angel Island. The Camellia Inn is
Replete with Oriental rugs. Harvest Inn has a
View of the Mayacamas Mountains. If you like
White picket fences, visit the Blue Spruce.
For fairy tales go to the Happy Landing Inn
With its Hansel and Gretel cottages. If you still
Like picket fences, go to Los Laurels instead.
“Cead Mile Failte” is the Gaelic motto meaning
A hundred thousand welcomes, and you’ll find
Them at the Sandpiper.
                                   The Butterfield Bed
Is a rustic hideaway from wives and husbands.
Truffles Bed has a wraparound veranda and
Is full of surprises. Bruce and Sharon Taylor
Purchased the Cliff Crest Bed. The Feather
Bed has a touch of Corinthian columns. The
Tres Palmas Bed is anybody’s bed. Bock’s
Bed… well make of it what you will. Petite
Auberge is of Baroque Revival and is a better
Bed than Bock’s Bed. It is where Chantal
Caught her husband.

She also found him at Madrona manor;
Montecito; Abigail’s; Julian’s Beltane’s;
Gingerbread; Joshua Grindle; Rosa; Pelican;
Bancroft; Blackthorne; Bella Maggiore; Carmel;
Camellia; Chateau Du Lac; and Fawnskin.




at the edge of it there’s no way of knowing it to the
edge of it effecting it at the edge where it peters out
the image of it Fred Flintstone at the edge into the
galactic future will detect the action of it where
language negates it not willing to go into it there’s a
way out of it to the edge of it stepping out of it to the
edge of it withdrawing from it ending it at the         edge


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