Aught, no. 15 (2006)

Khadijah Queen


                    i) eyes catalog the smashed. names whirling
                                                      in each
fleck of color
                                                      in each
whirling iris:
a) a healing elsewhere,

                                          perhaps in the ripe
body's lush field;
  lash to sibilant handspike, incalescence.

b)       I judge you by what
                               you have used against me, devoured

    ( sui generis ) as fire, mistaken—

                     a heavy glass rests in your hands, I see it shatter.

c) outside a white
bloom shaking,
its curved




ii) while beautiful         remove

                   everyday death

         in children's hearts,    a) hunks of it

(drying)                  b) cracking off          (glory

          diaphanous bloodstreams, portions rounded

pale)              iii) soaked thin breezes or      midnight

                               pools, a) the fires

which seem absolute:

b) lip after succored lip,

                      interstadial solutions –

unhinge the tango           measured iv) in caped erepsins,

                      oysters, dials:           a) pried open

          a scream          b),

                                  the sound

tender, a taste.     c) an infinite




Rearrangement: water vs. shore

What's not for a girl to love–

The coat of the mouth, the flavor of ruin.
Consider the murk of dwindling, the thatch you took
          For sass.                  The saucy accidental

Wounds, the roughed gunwale turned

slick terrestrial carapace.
(In the daddy state it's illegal

                                 To break your lily flicker of a smile
                                                                                   The shadow
Your mocked hull broaches) Magnify

A tinge of dust.          The sky and the sea even.

          The heart metamorphosed. Flown.


Copyright 2006, by the author. All rights reserved.
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