Aught, no. 4 (2000)

Francis Raven

Curve Mind Angle


by extension
don't need to keep all of our smarts in our head;
by extension
some correlative leakage
by extension
our selves not bounded by skin,
by extension
so sturdy and grounded?
by extension
one big self is earth
by extension
just choosing bits of it as our own
by extension
who is doing the choosing?


(roughly speaking)
circle by treating
method fails,
meditator's method
primarily meant
to be put into practice.
(roughly speaking)
against intellectualist
contemplation of prime mover
(roughly speaking)


for a scientific posture
nevertheless internalized
might want to give a realist interpretation
ascribed to any course of action,


then ended somewhere
(not concept)
wait for language
wait for action in the making
such as food and sex;
our sort of thinking
then ended somewhere.


it will all be offloaded onto a network.)
projecting the processes of transformation
don't have to store very much in our brains
we have books, computers, signs, etc.
and yes again etc.
over other


intentional stance
no central meaner
no intrinsic or original intentionality,
a rehearsal of a lecture I overheard
but not well enough
not well enough to stay
the agent who made it.
allows an observer
to impose intentionality
upon a system,
imposing, and not discovering it.


(Side note:
distinctly limited
at least in between language
derived sort
obvious source
a fiction none
view the lock
careful to realize)

Copyright 2000, by the author. All rights reserved.
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