Aught, no. 6 (2001)

Francis Raven


where are
where are you
where are two meanings
where are the same
where are
were there
were there you
were there two meanings
were there the same
we're you
we're two meanings
we're the same


hum of a thesaurus

unsent (dissent) until (before) I (no synonyms) bend (curve) close
(immediate) to (facing) trees (logs) and (as well as) now (instantly)
close (precise) in (during) my (no synonyms) arm (limb) where (at which
place) I (no synonyms) have (own) no (negative) gate (passage) to
(through) prevent (avert) laughter (giggles) on (upon) all (every) sides
(borders) flames (blazes) like (equivalent) silent (quiescent) like
(consonant) silent (speechless) like (analogous) silent (I) bricks (cubes)
my (no synonyms) animal (creature) through (threw) the (word) window (eye)

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