Aught, no. 10 (2003)

Chris Sawyer


Phase equilibria in deformation.
have by and spirit,
a mixture ascending to rice slurry.
by and therefore,
dissolve making purified,
subliming happens by and therefore
without fixing a fusible mountain,
by made therefore,
composite flying magisterial.
begotten handmade spirit,
dissolution impregnate,
cleanse Negation,
hidden polyester to aluminum
unidirectional laminations
by hidden attractions segregated
recycled plastics,
by and depraved dissolution passage
gourmet statement,
houses by red,
married philosophers,
thought combines misreadings have by
and thereof bottom,
giving decocted fixation,
dichroic bodies.
impression proportion fusing-vessels,
required assertions have by that
every philosopher divulges parables.
accords by and correspondence
dissolve strongly expecting the highest
by ENDS approximate


Author's note
"my recombinant activity isn't merely 'cut-up'. which is in a negative fashion. algorithmic writing is just a more 'tech' description of any kind of writing (or thinking?). composition of a text begins, perhaps, by looking over some notes, then turn to some original sources.
as i read, my brain generates a few fragmentary, on-the-spot responses which store as marks on a page or screen. this cycle repeats, pausing to loop back to the original plans and sketches, amending them in the same fragmentary, on-the-spot fashion.
the output acts as a mediating factor in a variety of complex and iterated processes which continually loop between brain, body and technological environment. whether you use 'tools' like computer sorts, or dice, or the i-ching is irrelevant to the basic act.
so this is just a supplemental brain function (post-human). i often think what artificial (or super) intelligence means to human art. this is a way to add (maybe). jackson mac low means to empty the output of ego but i don't know if that ever happens. it defiantly feels 'outside' (like spicer's martians?). all this + i like to think of art as a (pseudo(nym)-science.
This piece is in relation to Derek White's 'Oxygen 8' in Aught   no. 6."

Copyright 2003, by the author. All rights reserved.
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