Aught, no. 13 (2004)

Heidi Lynn Staples

The Clack of Sands

Bolt maze the Floor,
Lacey nit shows: Maze hymn, lace
Ultra-creeper. Floor's pincerful spinenesses
Errant forwardish:

Casket growth the Floor
Articulator. Maze
Ballerina Floor.


The Lack of Height

Rod raves the Floor, swallow's patience: Rave's hymn,
Alter's treeful. Floor
This morpheme

Sideness's great-floored-lash; swam's trusses the Floor
Are's ever.
Eve Floor.


The Brook of Palms

Jazz the stalks
Under water
Noodles, so brambles my
Eel of hair

Goldly, a Frond.
Ray gold ashore drift
Air Frond,
Spume the thriving


Note about the poems:
These poems are echographs of biblical Psalms and part of a 14 poem sequence from a manuscript, The Gulf Streams.

Copyright 2004, by the author. All rights reserved.
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