Aught, no. 6 (2001)

Charles Tillman

ex vi termini

separate for harmony those that require a purpose unspoken if the best way to

judge the work is never to see a variation in a theme on how to encore time in a replica of

a circle soon harvest patience still exempt of worship mouths empty of prayer

creating make believe events to questions with no answer among trust in

response beyond limits others heave as anything but heaven expressions of hope in

empty audience hallways form primary human content null of interest which

identity can be cultivated for explaination of drive to swell heart put off by deception of

duties absolute as enigma that lead to harmony of sound and origin of air

confusion of reach control and lose all of except in thoughts awakened by

addendum memories of consciousness from active imagination

with no identity in hues and objects constructed to represent dreams resent desires

acknowledge as well as repel ghosts during stormpainting reenactments of scenery

unfamiliar or foreign in previous examples used images

as if hanging in musaeums could impart essence in inevitable through

nature destruction by man and emotions abrupt end

Copyright 2001, by the author. All rights reserved.
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