Aught, no. 14 (2005)

Jim Toweill

truceless this mime

Bout of lisp          closer eyes than error can feel
treating sunlike ache        hides raw
stink offers latent pity       more guiding shirk
shoals grift       drowned excess.     Gather offed
intentions fake dare a hell       skein and soul saps allusive
dents. Sore beaconing song         of severed wry dense
cinch mark        walls are thinker-bade.

Spat hero souring worth        gun lights lit self
see loves candle under crime          hounding lacquer tomb frays
its rue more lies undid          the fatigue labels eros
a sky hit pillow         a verse leathered new       a riskless city undid outright
misreaders, misanthropies.


Note on this poem
This began as a homolinguistic translation of a poem by Peter Gizzi, then mutated.)


shunt swiller

many eruptions

callus as rectangular

edifices puncture

quality of quality of

quality of quality of

an arm emptied in brace

magnificent bends

restraint larks hollow

under angle of mucus


Sound Bawdies

               (After, for and against P. Scott Vickers)

       i spigot the fire ole`                                                           a flurry of coded peeks

 what ovum cadavers embrace                            shell poke is own endurance

 afflap the styx to tuggage                                       forsteps prying to hatch you

vortex the way we rinds work                    play text vacuum drumps husking

 strut aboidance aye you deem                           putty sheath dips with unction

    a plump catatonic pale                                     a plumbed arrive phalanges

   our kisstems donning era                                 slirt stem in backends tendon

 involve a sundered err or                                    to bite the finger thought feeds

 the craven for company                                       affirm ounce infers appeals

   sum of the crime abounds ken                        throughout hiccuffs tie embreeze

 serve eggs to young tis aster                               seamy fling-fettered calves loom

  aporia hard flight between                                     the ice cupboard enraptures

      ungushable nether song                                  a pilling below a taste

 a lark roughing in places                                     in case of exigency

 hidden the spot we come to                               who knows what grounds work down there

     pet should haved to be covered                 no quaffing amidst hair suit

 between toe slips hearty cleeng                        heinous as well around tongue

  minstrel to sing ready lips                                    men are caned continue grin

   the kitchenous costumes dread                     the viper in sighting eggs

   wouldn’t have borealis                                           wooden jab earth my rocket sky


Copyright 2005, by the author. All rights reserved.
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