Aught, no. 10 (2003)

Eddie Watkins

Episodic Pilots

1. Prologue (Collaborating With The Unknown)

Contained in the pressure of motion story becomes story in the itch of light's heavy ebb


2. Trying Thought Where Thought Ought Be Relinquished

A badly constipated face orbits like a pebble the fish and fruit in the earth beyond taxidermy


3. Subterranean Character Actor

To earn dark clothes of an oil slick Irk is sleeveless and shouting at the dirty birds


4. The Ambiguity Of The Pioneer

Found and not to see again on my weather channel mist earns courage from hidden fox trails


5. Secret Teachings

Woman to Christ "Tuck a jelly sandwich on a mountain called Two-Top to still the recuperative waters


6. Alien Harvest

Green men beat leather suggestion boxes bagged in netting on the rim of unending circles


7. The Color Of A Small Brain

The parrot (who do not know any about) speaks from a long cola tongue with a think tucked between


8. Softly Big Bang

Egg tenor at the beginning of placated gnomes kindles ice where the waters run sweet


9. Epilogue (Virtual Dialogue)

Give me feedback only if you really don't know that this is never really touch


Author's note
"The method was rather complicated, but I can say the titles are mine and the body of each numbered section was pulled from the corresponding issue of Aught, with minor fudging."

Copyright 2003, by the author. All rights reserved.
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