Aught, no. 1 (1997)

Rob Faivre

Wheel of


Wheel of

Aks abt methodology: lineating the backwash on waking, bugs burrowing flesh,

             <<Achieved as defined was>>
organic motor of the cat's breathing, the parambics of the experiment
This puts down is this a put down,
questions the long distance caller
                                                  etonyms for "collar."

as finding a tick on my neck, thigh another
two days, what and now?
                      rugwick, grandpaper, tocsin,
                      colum, spurling, the crossed-out.
These list sponges oftenly, a word, initself, wrists in calm positions,
steel-driving of
a melody as is thought

-- 3.v.94

1994-7 by Rob Faivre
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