Aught, no. 14 (2005)

Derek White and Wendy Collin Sorin

5 + 8 = Something Other Than Lobster (Exoskeleton)



0 + 1 = P(s)alm S(crypt)ic (x-ray)


Note on the work, from Wendy Collin Sorin
My art work is informed by my love of literature, especially poetry. Whether responding to the giants of the canon, such as e.e. cummings, Wallace Stevens and Rainer Maria Rilke, or to the work of writers with whom I collaborate in real time and space, language is my primary catalyst. These dialogues are a shared journey, a conversation in art. Communications between my writer-partners and me are supplemented by email correspondence. Along with the poems and images, ideas, questions and answers are also exchanged, which, in turn, generate new thoughts and work.

Copyright 2005, by Derek White and Wendy Collin Sorin. All rights reserved.
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