Aught, no. 15 (2006)

Mark Young


The only unemployment

is frictional &

converts to energy. Any

loss is syllogism, a cloistered

emperor or armoured

warfare. It lays

a single egg. The

basic principle of built-in

functions is more

macabre & dreamlike. Comes

into play when used

to wash a jug of

water. Each holds an

attribute, a form frag-

mented by penetrating

shafts of light. Cruel &

unusual punishment.

Belligerent silica. Shari’a

law. It is done, & no longer

worth thinking about.




For all that it is

circumspect, there is

nothing in the page size

of Slavonic mythology

to suggest the loss

of movement or illegal

organisations of a

terrorist nature. The

audience is not seated.

The corresponding solid

figure is formed by

packaging various house-

hold medicines. Yams &

sweet potatoes were

introduced 1200 years

ago & this produced

a tempering of the

General’s iron rule.




In a single day

the continued use or

enjoyment of a right

serves no useful

purpose. Most are

invisible. The logic gates

are not connected

so any disturbance

is noticeable only at

an atomic level. Moment

to moment movement

is unpredictable &

goes beyond the

limit of his powers.


Copyright 2006, by the author. All rights reserved.
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