Aught, no. 7 (2001)

Larry Sawyer

East of Eden

In the scene
in a field of lettuce while
saying hello to the people in the
trees, just as the difficulty
in philosophy,
not to interrupt
is to say no more
than we know.

a child may believe the wind
as Wittgenstein says,
break through the screen and
is made by the leaves (of the
family going to the movies).
when I was a nipper and
beyond his bedroom window slow
illusion or a "suspension of disbelief"

I thought sure it was possible to take
action but just to pet their dog, c'mon
I'd rather that blackness, the
other side. I imagined myself doing this,
it wasn't a question of
what lives on the screen
we're being lived somewhere
the corduroy ape appears
admittedly, this was gratuitous
else, that they were another reality.

years later this effect of
"off in the distance" what must
talking to a Mexican girl
make the best writing
evocative? the mother is talking,
sick in bed, when suddenly
streams past behind her head.
of all times and realities taking place
parallel reality came rushing home

be a blue Mercury passing along
simmering as folk song.
an enormous blue ship like
her little boy, to her a lifetime
good art
possess this effect
right now,
that's what.


Dream Cavity

Were me to me
to move sleep
true water toward time
angry tooth of
no reality
somewhere moment's
hold limp rings
understanding walls
flesh pocket
so angry
he was that
the world grew
dim in that
scorpion time
green men beat
the air of its tongue
for spare change
sun's tooth crooked
mouth almost real
this poem about

Copyright 2001, by the author. All rights reserved.
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