Aught, no. 5 (2001)

Charles Ardinger


Word is to picture.
Word is to picture as air.
To picture as air takes practice.
Air takes practice.
Takes practice to make sentence.
Make sentence rhyme of term.
Rhyme of term and of spring.
Spring. Make synonyms.
Synonyms are to pictures as words are.
Pictures as words are sparrows.
Sparrows fall to start.
Fall to start flying.
Start flying to see.
To see is to practice to make.
To see is to practice to make as picture is to word.
Word makes picture in quotation marks.
Quotation marks air like snow.
Air like snow is false picture.
False picture is practice.
Practice word. Practice air. Practice rhyme.
Rhyme term with every other.
Rhyme term with every other season.
Every other season marks end.
End synonym list.
Synonym list is to sparrow fall spring practice fly and snow as word is to picture.

Copyright 2001, by the author. All rights reserved.
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