Contributors to Aught, No. 8 (2002)

Sheila Murphy has authored numerous books of poetry, most recently The Stuttering of Wings (Stride Press, UK, 2002), Heresiarch (Xtant/Anabasis, 2002), and The Indelible Occasion (Potes & Poets Press, 2000). Books scheduled for publication include Green Tea with Ginger (Potes & Poets Press). Murphy and Beverly Carver co-founded the Scottsdale Center for the Arts Poetry Series and served as coordinators for 12 years. In 1996, Murphy's Letters to Unfinished J. won the New American Poetry Series Open Competition. The book is scheduled to appear from Sun & Moon Press.  (Email Sheila Murphy)

Andy Nicholson is currently a Creative Writing major at Bowling Green State University. His poetry has been published in The Obsidian, Devil's Advocate, and Prairie Margins.   (Email Andy Nicholson)

Francis Raven: "I work for an environmental justice non-profit in San Francisco. Anabasis Press has published two chapbooks of mine: a novella, “Journey Writ Large on a Blue or Lilac Notebook”, and a book of poetry, The Plot of a Strangemaker. Duration Press has published the on-line chapbook Economic Belief Structure, and has published Do Not Add Up. I have also been published in The Red Booth Review, Beehive, Gestalten, Untitled, The In Posse Review, Inter/Face, The East Village, Moria, Oblique, and The New Colonist."   (Email Francis Raven)

Lina ramona Vitkauskas is the fiction editor and Web designer for the online literary zine milk. Forthcoming work in Sidereality, La Petite Zine, Joe Massey's RANGE, and Scars Publications' (anthology) the elements.  She is a Lithuanian writer originally from Chicago, with an M.A. in Creative Writing from Wright State University. She is one of the original 5 Lady Venoms. (Email Lina ramona Vitkauskas)

Clayton A. Couch currently lives in Columbia, SC, where he works as a Library Specialist and freelance proofreader. He has had poems appear recently in a variety of small press venues, including Dark Planet, Dreams and Nightmares, EOTU, poethia, Speculon, Star*Line, and Ygdrasil, among others. Clayton also edits, manages, and publishes sidereality, a quarterly online poetry journal specializing in the presentation of speculative and experimental work. (Email Clayton Couch)

Andrew Shelley: born 1962 in West Yorkshire, England. Did English at Cambridge. Has frequently travelled back and forth between the craggy, semi-rural, but heavily industrialised north of England, and the flat, urbane south, by means of the M62 motorway. Started writing full-time on completion of a research fellowship at Oxford, where he did a Ph.D. on the influence of Jung and Vico on Samuel Beckett. Online publications of his are archived in Big Bridge (No.6), Outsider Ink, 3AM Magazine, The American Journal of Print, and in a previous issue of Aught (No.6). Print appearances in, or forthcoming in, Kenning, Poetry Monthly, Skald, Still, Snow Monkey and Scriptor. Most recent print publication is the prose-poem Requiem Tree issued by the imprint Spectacular Diseases. Prevous individual poetry publications include Peaceworks (The Many Press, 1996). (Email Andrew Shelley)

Derek White's fiction and visual poetry has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Diagram, Del Sol Review, gestalten, Aught, perspektive, xtant, you are here, Snow Monkey, and 3 a.m. He is comprised of memes (not genes) that he is disposed to recapitulate. He can be found on the web at (Email Derek White)

Amy King: "Blaise Pascal's statement, 'Contradiction is not a sign of falsity, nor the lack of contradiction a sign of truth', has something to do with the sensibilities in my work."  Her chapbook, The People Instruments, will be released by Pavement Saw Press this fall. Some of her work has appeared in or will be appearing in Can We Have Our Ball Back, Cauldron and Net, and Filling Station: An International Journal.  (Email Amy King)

Joel Chace has new poems in publications such as Lost and Found Times, Tomorrow, Big Bridge, pith, Coracle, Three Candles, and paper tiger '01.  He has published ten collections of poetry, including, most recently, Uncertain Relations (Birch Brook Press), Greatest Hits (Pudding House Publications), and o-d-e (Runaway Spoon Press). He is currently Poet In Residence at Mercersburg Academy and is Poetry Editor of 5_Trope at Webdelsol.  (Email Joel Chace)

Ian Randall Wilson is the managing editor of the poetry annual 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry.   Recent work has appeared in The Alaska Quarterly Review, Spinning Jenny, and Spork.  His first fiction collection, Hunger and Other Stories, was published by Hollyridge Press.  (Email Ian Randall Wilson)

Shelly Reed studied creative writing at Drake University in the 1980's under the guidance of Mark Doty and Perry Glasser. She publishes a newsletter for Heart & Vascular Care and runs a bed and breakfast for stray cats. Recently, she has had poems appear or accepted for appearance with King Log, Conspire,Thunder Sandwich, Branches, Whistling Shade, Half Drunk Muse, Fluid Ink Press, Prairie Poetry, Eclectica, and Wicked Alice.  Shelly hales from Iowa, where oats, peas, beans and barley grow and it ain't never over until the pig squeals!  (Email Shelly Reed)

Raymond Farr has published work in Paradoxism, Can We Have Our Ball Back, Poethia #14, and Cider Press Review. He lives in Ocala, FL. (Email Raymond Farr)

Michael Farrell is the Australia editor of slope. His first book, ode ode, is forthcoming from Salt. He lives in Melbourne. (Email Michael Farrell)

Andrew Lundwall: "...writer from Wisconsin currently working an occupation as a quality assessment man at a telemarketing firm, a most irritating job indeed.... my work has been featured at the deep cleveland junkmail oracle and will be featured in the upcoming, newest edition (july through september) of siderreality ... i am profoundly influenced by the literature of the surrealist/dadaist movements.... the study of the absurd, automatism, the irrational... my writing seeks to chart my very own nervous system.... a recording of thoughts to pinpoint the link between the internal and external viewpoints of my world...." (Email Andrew Lundwall)

Ric Carfagna is a poet preferring an 'alternative' utterance. He lives in rural central Massachusetts with his wife, cellist Mary Carfagna. Ric is currently at work on his extended chapbook project Notes On NonExistence as well as other poetic endeavors. He also works as an environmental CAD designer. (Email Ric Carfagna)

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen lives and writes in Espoo, Finland. He is mainly interested in computer processing and manipulation of text and language. He has been published in Poethia, Moria, SHAMPOO, Aught, Swirl and Word/For Word. He is also editor of xStream. Works as a composer, music performed in Finland and U.S. (Email Jukka-Pekka Kervinen)

Eddie Watkins: "I live in Philadelphia where I'm in secret cahoots with a dimly remembered dream. Poetry is the means by which I flesh it out." (Email Eddie Watkins)

Sally Ann McIntyre is a writer, curator, art theory lecturer and experimental electronic music DJ based in Christchurch, New Zealand. She has published variously poetry, writing for devised performance, catalogue essays, articles and art criticism. She is interested in the poetic as a means both to reclaim and renew the imaginative vitality of the world through language, and as a way to analyse fluxing cultural and identity sites in contemporary life without reducing them to closure, treating the stream of language as something in perpetual process, and it's artifacts as moments of resolution that crumble. (Email Sally Ann McIntyre)

Andrew Jecklin: "We are all descendants of Charlemagne, of Nefertiti, of Confucius. In about 600 years, every woman and man will be your descendant. You are a Mother and Father of the World. Someone will plant a garden, build a shelter, fight with a loved one, scheme a sort of political intrigue; or maybe the area will be waist deep in water. Something like this will occur where you are now. I see poems with origins without the witness of specific histories. Origins are of the past and of now, too, inside of us and the trees and economies, revealing. I don't remember who... it was in an essay where the author describes that the original meaning of original is from the word origins... and that 'new' stuff is very hard to find without it not having some deeper roots...." Andrew Jecklin is a licensed massage therapist in private practice in Eugene, Oregon. He has a poem in the forthcoming issue of Word/ For Word.  (Email Andrew Jecklin)

Summer Rogers' goal has been to transfer her imagination and energy into activities, events, and discussions with generations X, Y, Z.  Besides passing along wisdom from the beat and beat up generations, she is a community organizer, youth mentor, and substitute teacher in Chicago. Summer is a Loyola University New Orleans graduate and former intern of the New Orleans Review and the New Orleans OffBeat Magazine.  (Email Summer Rogers)

James Wagner's poems have been published in The American Poetry Review, Denver Quarterly, 5_Trope, McSweeney's, and elsewhere. Other Auralgraphs have appeared in current issues of 3rd bed and Moria. He lives in Syracuse, NY.  (Email James Wagner)

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