Aught, no. 8 (2002)

Something Like That
"skim rolocable true"
"pencil soft against the pulp"
" maybe discernment shifts"
Sheila Murphy
Glial Cells
Our Kinship
Andy Nicholson
Structural Adjustment Poem Francis Raven
Tripping on a Really Lina ramona Vitkauskas
two minutes (of your time)
Weekday Revelation
Clayton A. Couch
Crash Course Andrew Shelley
Blueprint for an Airport
Easter Egg Hunters
Derek White
Alleged Immorality
Quantum Jump
Open Invitation
Amy King
what for
heat waving
Joel Chace
An Illustrated Text Aimed at Engineers
A Lack of Correspondence to the Familial World
Ian Randall Wilson
Mail Order Catalogue
We Interrupt this Station
Shelly Reed
Smudge/Stone as Dialectic
Raymond Farr
linuid joncentratioe camp
Michael Farrell
optical oms
celluloid blowpipe prize
Dept. 45
Andrew Lundwall
lapsing sidereal time
a sargasso sea
semiforensic postmodern
Ric Carfagna
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Radiant Nicknames
Overcast Sundial
from "The Channels"
Eddie Watkins
a centre, positioned. night and train
screen kiss #6 (1948)
Desert observations with midnight radio
Sally Ann McIntyre
it often speaks in chimeras
negative ecology
Andrew Jecklin
love child Summer Rogers
Auralgraph 4
Auralgraph 6
Auralgraph 11
Auralgraph 12
Auralgraph 13
James Wagner
Notes on the contributors.
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