Aught, no. 8 (2002)

James Wagner


after César Vallejo, Trilce, XLIX

          Myrrh myrrh radioing in quietude, Crusoe,
letters rajah are gold   essential, lost loons,
                                 tell of her dad.
Naughty me busted knee reconnaissance
you have       you he all of the living dandles
                                                  they came in sorry.

         Certain guardian opia, solo fellow, no surprise
a total endless blankish oh yeahs
                                the last part he does.
Is a guardian opia, fellow solo,
a lover revolver the kidding faction,
                                the kidding candle a bore
                                seagull the next minute.

        Tamp or could you describe a lady, banjo
easter mantaloupe cuz arid dice lost loons
                                tell the raisins;
you know a good mask son rear a caterpillar
the last virgins, in the local busky day
                                they'll con a sigh out.

        Been a guard in Europe, a Bremen
                                tusk black as orange juice:
queer or reclining cigar ray ally,
queer or help onto the open yolk, queer or
                                save the yester segue.

        Unless busted doors don't denote rest to most,
no hay, no Hay lady: oh yeah tan solo
                                the pear unpear.
You simply lost tracks disco and those
poor sick props, the purchase
coma duct or indecent grotto frescoes,
your part in the end's incurable, they count us,
                                have tall metals pre-dented
the hungry collide at last count because of
yelling they freed us.
You have to tell it so!



after Paul Celan's ["Die Ewigkeiten"]

The highway kite in foreign
Hymen gets sick and drew bare
In house

long song      locks brandy
all is get hurt

A Groan, nicked veneer,
O, flower dump that can
Destine eyes, then the wayside
by grubbing and wider



after Pierre Reverdy's "Quand On N'est Pas De Ce Monde"

Ill youth, doubtless temps cued      you're all orange,       caulking key parlor
Sue's the covert. Author tell the luminaries quit racing sometime    surly
napes on all right before the grossest letters noels, in regarding
being. Being toed see foot another time. At last cooler demure changing.
The fox simpled when near the derriere. On knees and face pass the city
lemur and leopard event. Less letters disappoint our blue tellers
sentient ruins and form ain't un no matter and get quantity
the ship rats pass.



after Pierre Reverdy's "Secret"

          The clock's wide
          Less I saw more words
Tesla mission outs indoors
          enough hours

Late errors set in       mobile
          enduring key   quelling supper
Let's harbor on the air this our ear
    you tremble about the shack full
          on new age travelers the night

Defend less port and home chant

          The fine trees other suns brewed.



after Pierre Reverdy's "Un Homme Fini"

         The sour, ill promise, a travelers' blue at the danger
knock turn, some pray inform edit sequels fate
          A primary reconsideration, I'll tremble—we see refugees'
countryless despair?
          One foul road dance     the vent key    tortureless branches,
and the Maid tried to sell the sweet dunces terrible.
          One ensign grimaced—leper. One part beige
and violet then had clucked countryless moor; I'll court
and let sail key importants long as none abandon.
           And pus, then less       colors sand's fin, then the shops
they sold the night,     dance less     limit somber eyes
hurdle spirit, the voice improves traverses less
cloysome, less ideas may bait chance a lot, less clocks
delay mortal equivocal reasoning

Copyright © 2002, by the author. All rights reserved.
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