Aught, no. 8 (2002)

Andrew Lundwall

optical oms

my midnight stall ah ha shall migrate
the yellow imprints the stain
strike match and here delirious blazing
with the way pill absurds move
remembering millenial knees the cursed helium
elephant mask found the spine stray
head the apple too concise
si is si is si is re: murmuring
disjointed at the center
mantis relevance is next to none
crust with ideas cursed pins in a map
several plants to shake off
sewer all night camera
the insects bawl in circles
the ushered electric fan
jerked pulleys of hair
egg tenor beginning and no it is not
now is won from weaving extents
worm stencil car-rust sod
a stubborn and bee paragraph
floral patterned walls mind training engines
at the junction of rock confusion


celluloid blowpipe prize

postindustrial followers *overambitious gimmicks *penitentiary
deflectors *rorschach test kits *food likenesses *cumquat platters *
debauchery theories *senile higgledy-piggledy *melodramatic protection
*meddlesome epistemology *solicit oscilloscopes * crapshooting interest
*hallmarks mobilized *oars harmonize *cracked bulrushes compose checks
*intermix internal deadlines *incubating meltwater

~da capo~


Dept. 45

//massed on in---legs and bruised ankle self-denial --- hue: pawnshop
ghostly--- the fiddle preblister reading system---some strange idea are
these unfolding lawn chairs of medicinal dropper interest---the familiar
flamingo reverb amplifier equator oh the plastic squirtgun---eye one and
eye two ear one and ear two----dumbstruck the weight of frail tunnel
doll eye blinker bobbing heads---hey go look at the birds----clap hands
bundled flourish yeah yeah yeah the verber--- figures of lamps and
pedestal patio equipment resiliency ---- cashier ear
half-fainting----inside the 50% off mindsettingsun luxurious step

Copyright 2002, by the author. All rights reserved.
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