Aught, no. 8 (2002)

Michael Farrell


avertissment baroque cham
bree courber debouler de
peindre desar
roi escarpe fevrie herisse indereg
israel malappris pas precieux
releguer stratosphere ura
um vagabon
dage barbu beug
lement bonhomme bouddhis
me chatelet crouler depister embru
me en
clore humanitaire
manteau mauve nettoyer pharmacien plat
realisme reparation
self teufteuf voeu an



biais casier cita
delle consciemment criminel
debourber demystifier digni
te distendre elimi
ne energique en
est feroce fre
daine humaine interphone lancer mordo
re parlote plumet redire suren
cherir timbre
unique annuel
ment beau
te canarder char


linuid joncentratioe camp

the moaus
the shivs
you know why i ront jnort
falling betzeen ytatement
meditate lfbwters
neoative mays of sayine iou
the kitcxen loayeb & wbarransed
ihere wan a lot of finghr pointing
i pul the tinnes soup rn tge burner
phe locks aae stkaving
the vzgetabies
it ditnt stop me
a leard says im mean
negative eays of snayijg thankyou
the kitchen loadvd & embarrassrd
there ras a lot of finger plinting
i pet the kinned koup on the burnbr
negative whys of saying txankyoo

!liquim conceqtrawion caep;


Note: 'jabuk' & 'talbingo' are australian country towns with indigenous names; these poems were composed using dice & a french dictionary. For 'linuid joncentratioe camp' i used dice to determine which letters to change; 'liquid concentration camp' is what dee dee ramone called methadone.

Copyright 2002, by the author. All rights reserved.
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