Aught, no. 8 (2002)

Andy Nicholson

Glial Cells

  1. I'm certain they're playing it less this year.
    You beautiful young disk
    on the right side of the sink, rising on the horizon.
    Rise in the morning,
    turn on the radio. Falling.
    Mountains fall into water.

  2. I'm certain. Year by year.
    Young disk on the right side of the sink.
    The horizon rises in the morning, turns on the radio.
    Mountains fall into water.

  3. I'm certain; I'm certain; I'm certain.
    Disk on the sink falling into water.
    Mountains fall into water.

  4. Year. Young. Year.
    Rises, right, rises.
    Mountains fall into water.

  5. Disk rising on the right side of mountains. Sink. Water. Falling

  6. Mountains fall into water.


Our Kinship

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7. eyes


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