Aught, no. 8 (2002)

Ric Carfagna

lapsing sidereal time


                    maybe clouds impact us
                                          (more than we know)
                          thinned from ardent confusion
                                      displacing       mute corridors
                            poised between branches
                       separating       wind
                                                 stripped of patina
                                       faces in patterned dust
                            invariably     how
                                                  we associate
                            figured light
                                         with symbolic form
                            (into) that which has come
                                      to be spoken of
                                      the surface of waters
                                                  (with) a fleeting resonance
                                a factual undertow
                                                        organically counterpointed
                                variable    adjacencies
                                            (only) intermittently prospected
                                                                  for excess
                                crowding the more discreet
                                            pulsations alighting upon
                                                       corners of neutral determinants


                     or maybe
                                 the raised intaglio
                                 against the brief
                      extruded through
                                 a mindless labyrinth
                      a mired complexity
                                             of background muses
                                 avoiding      hazy voices
                                             tracking      a noisy treachery
                      across    the   ghosted   antechamber
                                                         plumbed bands
                                 of (the) unchanging   substrate
                                              intrusive and mindful
                           of rooms
                                              with the purely ornamental
                         extrinsic antiquities
                                                grafted to
                                  mechanistic caustic countenance
                           the preoccupied
                                    present day
                                 on some wary ecliptic
                                                         of terrestrial vision


a sargasso sea

          ...only to decay
               in abstract terminology...
                    delineations in the midst
                                 of a delimiting      depth ...

              there are distinctions
                    made manifest
                                and consummate          boundaries
                                             partially withdrawn (wisdom
                    thru the processes
                                             of rigid formulations
              somehow a moment
                                             stolen from turbulence
                                need only defer intention
                        onto the more primitive    acquisition of thot
                    later to be applicable
                                below a surface
                                             contained      in shallows
                         fulminations necessitate
                  an escapist homology (terminology)
                                     refusing categorization
                    thus:       to name this patterns
                                         the staid assumptions
                        later to be shelved as an outgrowth
                                  holistically emoting derision
                                    while pl(a)ying the pawn
                                               in lieu of sabotaging
                         the calculatedly interrogative
                                    credible objectives
                    bearing the brunt of a palatable tenacity
                       — (filching the pyre with a promeathean savvy) —
                                it is not always clear
                                          which specific intonations
                                               ill the meaning
                                                  in the soon to be ravaged
                                   adjuncts                   of a disjunctive interiority


semiforensic postmodern

         Olson still hunts among stones
                       without the grainy gravities
                                         of permanence
                                  to facilitate
                            a contextual transcendency
                   fogged with the non-corporeal
       moored to the lored arcanities of telluric embodiments
              historys     hampering    discourse   (discord)
                    in ways which fall       prey
                                           to the indeterminate      will
                          unknowingly       invoking
                  the sutured semblance of self-
                                                              dis integration
               : a dredged palimpstest of chthonic musings :
                                  lower forms      to transgress
                the human condition                              soon
                                 amid               an unraveling
                                    fording the fissures
                          which fill      with a ghosted teleology
                             or that which lies      within
                  pellucid poolings of a transmigrative psyche
                                       the projected progeny
                           thru the cyclical scintillations
                           stratifying        strains
                           penetrate       the enervated     remains
                                    a noumenal embodiment
                                      beneath    this (...)
                                                   stony ground

Copyright 2002, by the author. All rights reserved.
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