Aught, no. 8 (2002)

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen


is (...) was [?] no change comes) to be (...) door) and (...) that is to radio
dial (to sleet) remind (me how goes crumbling gray stool at stoplight (...)
would i each simple fact gone [?] sour (...) his pages (margin he (...) wants
to take some photographs (...) does (sky crank around with (crescent moon (...)
mounted did wrong wander cartstrewn aisles of job) vermiform appendices)
wander out (of fast) tender and sleep is is because and then (table is there
is of job (...) vermiform flower bed it listen) to do there naturally returning
there naturally be different and the [?] instance of there (is (...) in
there (behind door and author of all that is this is) of (flower bed at corner
of flower bed at) corner) [?] of offering [?] there naturally (returning
there is because) and (...) behind) door and freezer (...) is (...) [?]
this is so [?] nice and centre has come there is disturbance trusting to
bakers that (...) there is and yet) time that there was (...) question is
no place (...) of all was (no change comes to (blend is contradiction and
naturally returning there) comes to blend is (...) and yet time (...) that
contains memory that) why there behind door and true) that why (...) there
is voice is contradiction and naturally be different (...) whiteness it
is full already (...) diligent red never edible will you (could take [?]
rockhard peaches going slowly bad on (floor shows (rubbing [?] this is
so nice and true that why there (...) (being more is that) can be seen [?]
from (description all that is in there behind door and author (...) of [?]
(all that is longer glass is (of (...) any other [?] fall to meet sea certainly
to write up throat paid [?] in formalized forms) formalized signage worm)
out of job vermiform (...) (appendices) wander cartstrewn aisles of your
local me (...) how goes (...) off my) love sticks in landfill this is (so nice
and centre (that can please exaltation [?] than drawer instance of there
being more than another) question



                                    dial outside

                          outside it
         wonder after spell  ) in another
            than and around dusk

                         ( a

           night  ( cars

      waited if  ( she  ( got out

                       on of

                               to another and

                        wherever you
         we are
                           like laugh

  usual  (we  ) mounted telescopes on
               have love catches

         mute mounted klaxon
radio stool sticks if in
        ( you are right

      seem like edge of ( others


                               wherever you are right )
                             why with worm
                           made about
             sign steep snake
        flower bed it  ( yourself

    and stored with
         me like
it has

  outside  ( moving heavily



           his has have wonder
                that's like

                                   roar wait whatever returned
                               of yourself whether
      usual we    (  mounted


          big during
                       parted hair

                        there that's like

               hold carrier pigeons  ( looked more
               ( out laugh at laugh  (  at

         just park yourself wind  )
                            pigeons looked more confused hospital
                          make there that's with
               goes   ( sleep

                              during night during  ( night yourself

                   their  ( mascot

                                 canned and stored with

                          outside it dial  ) outside
      ( goes over  )  diligent red
                       someone seem else
                                       stored   ( with
         ( sticks to me
                                            slope scales red ripen
                                         ( cannot be  )
             mounted telescopes on steep

                     over scales mute klaxon ( snake

                    to you

Copyright 2002, by the author. All rights reserved.
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