Aught, no. 11/12 (2003)

Jago Flood


lux in tenebris
what we witness
photons enclose
like twin calices
or the wing-shards
of the cranefly

maybe it’s etched
in light that we
prevail / a sort of
bright dust /
a slice / a tranche
of that first
bright gracenote
high & wild like
struck magnesium

or then again
maybe we blade
our way back in
sun after sun
silica / amber / quartz
& we the striations
that capture & reiterate
that light
that light



bleecker & leroy

she certain / so certain
the loft flooded
with a sort of
sodium luminescence
[something of fall]
& i wild between
the subway map
the tiffany lamp
the great glad skylight
of the stars



grandsire triples

shellsounds / a
tonguestorm over
a brass ocean
updraft of wings /
tunnel of dust
o magnet of souls /
a cold banquet for
these who hope
in silence

Copyright 2003, by the author. All rights reserved.
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