Aught, no. 11/12 (2003)

Vernon Frazer

On Different Shores

Distant azure shadows
ring their lapidary tapestries
against flagging shutters.


The flapping ostinato
wings fenestral music, a crescendo
between their sunsets.


Dawn ripples to dusk,
water lapping under a nectar breeze
past overture’s pulsing touch



          The Decision

The scent of tethered tapestries
laps the cruel wind's slow crescendo.
Dawn's fenestral wings flap

     the lost touch

          of nectar's ostinato

                                        toward azure harbors

no closer than memory's cold ripples
dare. The lapidary shadow there slows
the tense, lingering pulse                                        

     to a willful declaration of dusk over water,

                                   the music's feathered breeze

                                             under sunset's distant overture



One Chained Melody

               Nocturne’s brooding lament
               clings to vibrato’s incantatory overture
               a memory

                              ruptured of its tapestries

               Azure   flights to foreign sunsets
               their shadows’ fenestral rapture at dawn
               ripples in the sunset

                                                  an old song gone on
                                                  and on, a nettlesome ostinato

               when a mere obligato

                                             would do.


               Nectar’s lapping wings
               crescendo their music’s shared pulse

                           lapidary reflections

                                                  close as dusk,
                                                  no less distant than the music

               cruising on the water’s

                                             pensive breeze

Copyright 2003, by the author. All rights reserved.
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