Aught, no. 7 (2001)

Vernon Frazer

Rapture of the Shallow

The restive vigils prevalent suits
where transitive. Dichotomies hedge
festered leather suggestion boxes
grown luminous from orange rhymes.
Witness its own, some tested forage

        and misses.

Arresting self-reflexive prophecy
girdles bitterly anointed litigants
pointing tongues at gestured flesh.

Their lugubrious assets
dwindle hair-tossed windows.
Luxuriant apostrophes candor
radiant synaptic apertures,

        transgress nominal transcendence.
        Vagaries implicit in handkerchiefs

            swollen to apnea reels,
            feeling explicit handles

                rub their vacant dawns with candor

Copyright 2001, by the author. All rights reserved.
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