Aught, no. 11/12 (2003)

Noah Eli Gordon / from Jaywalking the Is

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fourth dream

To say thunder only happens because we believe we hear it is one chord I’d strike if I weren’t holding such a broken instrument.

So there’s a light in the distance—why bother pointing it out.

Indirection is its own worst enemy.

& speaking of echoes, I’d place those footfalls far enough behind me that being followed means a circle is one way to walk out of the story.

If every dog has his day, does repeating something make it seem more appropriate?

Death head, death hand, death heart, now the myth’s getting a little octane, an apologia outside the outline traced by my favorite worn down crayon.

Does anyone still leave the light on when they’re not home?

Do movies stop time or did I just read that somewhere?


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