Aught, no. 11/12 (2003)

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Half a dream

ancient bone

green subtle misted
woven splices
along wall

eccentric feathered
folded color shafts
slightly amused recognition
a different world

stewpot citizen
loving detail
fur-trimmed skin

sun-sunk watered
runs through several men



French feminism

Must put the
occupy the low
ground immediacy of that nostalgia is killed or contradicted the dead
are not resuscitated as such
in which the one is opposed to or constricts the other the
absolute is nostalgic
Nature has a sex
from the point of view of the mind or spirit
when did you last see them?
in its perfection, does not thrust its roots into
the earth the male gender, usually called the human
race what stain?
no longer a woman protecting the light
already taken keeps
the marker
unconscious every night, every excuse returning
to a child who lays
hidden differences ensure a change in energy

A crime so obviously
committed the issue of what density
allocated each gender its
fecundity remains unsolved only
in some languages, yours,

for example Thus it is very odd
then seems to be born a second time
of laws and customs
embedded one in the other
in these terms everyone washes hands of the
crime and the fault
a utopia of decadents plunged
in its own world

subjectively sealed human

beings Lacks any method to think
through that abstraction
by attending to the reluctant
moment no need
for sacrifice to regulate
our collective order sometimes
ritual. or are we simply
announcing this calling?



Categorized into type and
taste hand over smooth surface
imagine its skin
divided into strong and weak from
expensive to cheap in line

Take the picture suddenly grabbed
from behind (your behind) lift shirt
behind it a woman behind me

Staying back like a tree, explosion,
delayed, pointless

True north, frozen water.

Oak chest. rugs pulled out from under
imagine it all, backwards to forwards

Useless reception
or twisted new shape

Copyright 2003, by the author. All rights reserved.
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