Aught, no. 2 (1998)

Chris Piuma

Or less [& notes].



Shepence day, fely, shely lay, castring-
so cre) ondaved aste spin they
whose knon win thecummer sententh yete fet,
bus), un, cad, tong a strout
and hands ods whoo suld
knole, athogy cow he, assible
sat gre (so cold her whoinivejoriof maispon. Hea
cal trilo C C C tout at sheallu
se by nonths yout hercuiped ollywod,
try to he bots, and a qund flack.
Fut the therryer (hesh to ter
toviteared war. But shas iluir reit
cunloser lund ighted tof nomerly
fuld er pusannity strets as sen,
archit fold goith orgonstand
cost. But tef-amer wo orins
(frone thre azeath to



Shencely, she) osecus),
ut ands oole,
at grer whorispo
tonths yollywo he ther
(her tosed tomer put
ter wori



Shely, shecut at gre
ther tomer wo






I. A mythologized biography, reproduced elsewhere [Piuma, 1994].

II. The first derivative, charting the planned actions of the fertility gods,
who have lost a potential subject. Anger [lines 1-7] turns to
bitterness [lines 7-10], until it is realized [line 12] that perhaps
all is not lost after all [seq.].

III. A further derivative, this time expressing the subject's fertilization
experiences (under influence of fertility gods, no doubt). Her growing
rejection of their methods [esp. line 6].

IV. A further derivative, leading us into nothing but unadorned plot.

V. Eventually the process leads us to a singularity.



Copyright 1998, by the author. All rights reserved.
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