Aught, no. 7 (2001)

Anders Søgaard

X-ray creme looking

As if biased fear
error in utah go
kind is jack bob
jenny has forward
over in jersey
dance silky join
focused ham
know as deep
well kick nose born
ok placing feeds
diesel kafka in two
salmon jfk lonely
hearts heard over
in lack of denver
san fransisco
let a kind of juice
ask future quiet
point spin top of
orange twin sister
deal kansas jefrey
peace go fat diet
joke hard fresh
lake down as
mountain fisher
peak dose of getting
higher than deep own
fight estonian oil
range cow x as why
can kojak been
as liberated duck
my civilized leave
pro basketball
ernie derived out
ocean stuff lunch
ex-rat visualized
mine square
newspaper into
alcatras kind sew
birds epoch roar
fix caddy never
bite moonless
as freedom sacred of
woke candle
bernstein american
and oedipus flap
nine voice exhaust
new camp bed
ads finger tale
so-called denmark
and from
buenos rolling
neglected no masks
generation candy bar
power as lower key
nothing stops accidental
cup on island dance
with can in use
wool kind viewer sad
clown religious meal
falafel defend
just in time trap



As forward as knowing
Lime fruits along the horizon
Affect nine: erotic
Go parsing go basketball do
It anyway, this in affect
Add amplifier muffin
Sad movie & poetic
And spoke fluently German
Pocket: public
Generating glossary stores
And sitting at bench
Affect nine: trees
Along the highway
This reversed endlessly

Copyright © 2001, by the author. All rights reserved.
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