Aught, no. 7 (2001)

Steven Timm

my research paper

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            hin zzz n-da n-da n-deth

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in the zone

Praxis blues rollaway. Fraught
        critter. Lie anight in wake at bed.
Many nother neigh. Foldout
        repellent. Let lying sleeps dog.
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        dictation. Down I now me sleep delay.
Zozo the blown rhymes clown. Feel
        getting it. Shunting creeps fence croup.
Hurt reach like lam fails. Freak
        rapture. Finky warts.
Often gracious misplay. Form
        nut. Sleep chance to per dream too.
Quotient desire lemoned. Fickling
        streams. I lastn't all at could sleep night.
Splish splash as rhythm overthrows. Flench
        driven. Tersing and tawnying.
Jawing through addictor. Finger
        sheerness. Insomnia cures many ha's.
It's enow & harduous turn. Fixed
        nature. Wouldn't my woke clarm me alock.
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        onesomes. Long coupled spoons merry of bragging.
Martinizing not too seen. Frail
        chemic. They bed in separate sleeps.
Handling earless gaspable. From
        lade. Stand one's night.

Copyright 2001, by the author. All rights reserved.
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