Aught, no. 11/12 (2003)

Michael Ruby / Inner Voices Heard Before Sleep

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You don't have to get attacked by one of these segments

The preferential treatment

Bar sales, including—
Power position in the city

Caught with his Rob Roy
I don't know why he wouldn't

He asks you what's in it
You don't know what it means

Icing on the soup
Say something

Just tell me
A sweet breeze

A white niece
In a traffic mansion

Holding on for dear life


76 singers
To eat?
She said me
That's so funny

We had those periods
They don't—carefully—sleep

The attorney general
Did Douglas?

They say it could be nice

That's right, you won't get a job
Cuz otherwise—

I'll try to
Let me do it, OK?

It really doesn't suit you

He might know a story
I know somebody who's going to—

It really is
Sounds terrible

I'm ready to move somewhere
Somewhere—exciting to—me

Cuz here
You can't do something
For me, anyway

I have my bell ring to listen to
My bell ring's a mess

She usually left her tickets there

She catered to you
You were just stuck
With this

I've been trying to take him to his cell and dorm room upstairs and see if
he could take his basement

They're the last person to call

They might be trying to tell you, no matter what
For instance

Animals and music and all that

It's all right
It's a mineral matter

There's two batters
And a position

And pharmaceuticals

Clean out the study
Get me out of here

You reached back and started over

He's over 18 now
He doesn't need a TV
Or assistance

So that's good

This isn't the curious lady
This is the difficult one

You seem too upset
You certainly—certainly do

Our money is so obsessive—
Such human

It wasn't such a great system
It was all fiction

He's like on another line right now

Chris, care to be the star?

And have to put on double uniforms

It ain't easy
To use another management

You want to stay on top
I see what you want to do now

Of the single East, I'll send you
If you don't want—

No, it's not black
It's not a lethal guard
It can't be

What kind of work?
A spot on August 19

She's gonna come back again
She comes on Sunday


Bobby Assistant
Baby Tillis

A positive
For us
Sighting him

New York

Available for six thirty

You know, Bo, speak up

There's nothing wrong with him now
Today united
Nothing wrong with him now?

Feet up the basement floor

So is Andy

A little bit
I chase him for once
You got the answer

Less pita bowl
Three dozen sklat?

Overtime on me
On his thesis
To tell me


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