Aught, no. 11/12 (2003)

Michael Ruby / Inner Voices Heard Before Sleep

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You don't mind if I lose this weight?

In the summer sometimes

He cooked

The Maine office

It's really just us

Because his character

Is that his name?
At the Navy Yard

....oases for me
How many for guests?

Tables or chairs
As you know, six years
You need six years

I just don't think about it
Let's work it out


It's basically acceptable and we should use it
There was the 5 1/4
There was the 6 1/2


So why didn't you stop thinking about me?
And stop being so hungry

....go between the lines and read it
That's a nice poisonous one

People didn't like that stuff

If I picked it up in 10 minutes

They're not tight, Daddy
They're tight, Charlotte, I know they are

You're gonna get a sense how tight this is
This is that rock fitting into place

You think it was smarter?
And cheaper?

It would never take longer

So big and bad here

I've played other games with you

He has much better deals than you think

Have a seat
You have that for an instant [a mint?]

Shows on the air
We're dead

So sad in the ego tonight

You see each person running out of their background

Did you eat anything since 1

The state of their minds buried


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